Qur’an Search Engine

This, called Qur’an Search Engine, is a great software developed by Dian Tresna Nugraha. This initiative was motivated by the fact that we need an online reference for studying Islam. Especially when all eyes are now focusing on Islam, many people are eager to know what Islam really is. Despite all study materials available out there, Qur’an Search Engine is a little bit unique. It offers us the possibility to study Qur’an in different languages from Albanian to Swahili, provides random Qur’anic verse to put on your website and has various links to Islamic resources on the internet. Amazingly it also can be operated either as a standalone program or as a module for PostNuke. If you still remember, Qur’an Search Engine and PN Quran module have worked together under the same project on Sourceforge.net. So, it’s time to rediscover. )