Management Tips

  1. Promise and deliver.
  2. Make sure bad news travels fast.
  3. Writing is thinking.
  4. Practice transparency within your team.
  5. Without a point of view there is no point.
  6. Know your dilithium crystals.
  7. Don’t ask for information or reports unless they help those you ask to do their jobs.
  8. Don’t keep two sets of books.
  9. Showdowns are boring and nobody wins.
  10. Never vote on anything.
  11. When presenting the boss with n alternatives he/she will always choose option n+1.
  12. Nothing is ever decided at a meeting so don’t try.
  13. Work on things that are important not urgent.
  14. Products don’t ship with a list of features you thought you’d do but didn’t.
  15. If you’re interesting someone won’t agree with what you said.

As suggested by Steven Sinofsky on this article.

Hire and Promote Well

“Hire and promote first on the basis of integrity; second, motivation; third, capacity; fourth, understanding; fifth, knowledge; and last and least, experience. Without integrity, motivation is dangerous; without motivation, capacity is impotent; without capacity, understanding is limited; without understanding, knowledge is meaningless; without knowledge, experience is blind. Experience is easy to provide and quickly put to good use by people with all the other qualities.”

~Dee Hock, founder of Visa.

A Wonderful Year

2014 is coming to an end. 2015 will be here soon.

It’s been a wonderful year at Baidu in Indonesia. So many interesting and awesome things happened in this year and we’re still here. Looking forward to many more years to come as we continue to grow and improve together with you.

Thank you for being with us. Let’s make 2015 an even more wonderful year.

Product Checklist

  1. Understand what people need.
  2. Address the whole experience, from start to finish.
  3. Make it simple and intuitive.
  4. Build the service using agile and iterative practices.
  5. Structure budgets and contracts to support delivery.
  6. Assign one leader and hold that person accountable.
  7. Bring in experienced teams.
  8. Choose a modern technology stack.
  9. Deploy in a flexible hosting environment.
  10. Automate testing and deployments.
  11. Manage security and privacy through reusable processes.
  12. Use data to drive decisions.
  13. Default to open.

Source: U.S. Digital Services Playbook

I wish Indonesian government could also setup such list.Hat tip: Matt.

Let’s participate in Baidu’s User Activities in Indonesia

Recently Baidu Indonesia has been launching two user activities on Facebook to introduce our products.

I’d friendly encourage you to join and participate in those activities. It’s fun and easy. If you’re lucky, you will win some prizes too. Please get more information about the activities below.

If you like and find our products useful, please share it to your friends and relatives. Don’t forget to “Like” Facebook page of each product mentioned above to follow and get latest updates from us.

More exciting news will be coming soon. Thus, please stay tuned.

Baidu PC Faster and Baidu Antivirus

As some of you already know, since last month I join Baidu and am managing products launched in Indonesia.

The following two products are our key products, and we’d like to invite you to download, test and experience them:

  • Baidu PC Faster: Permanently free lightweight PC security and optimization software. It gathers “Health Check”, “Win Update”, “Cleaner”, ”Speedup”, ”Cloud security”, ”Toolbox” and ”PC APP Store” with simple interface and it’s easy to operate. An ideal system optimization solution.
  • Baidu Antivirus: Permanently free professional antivirus and ultrafast cloud security software with main features:
    • Multiple Antivirus Engine
    • Real-time System Defense
    • Proactive Defense
    • Cloud Security
    • Local Support
    • Seamless, Automatic update

If you have any feedback, questions, or need more information regarding those products, please feel free to contact us. Your input matters!

Thank you.

Rumah123 Hits 1 Million UV in May 2013

Rumah123 Hits 1 Million UV in May 2013

“The month of May marked a milestone for, Indonesia’s No.1 property website and part of the iProperty Group, as it surpassed the one million mark in unique visitors, the highest growth achieved to date by any property portal in the country.

In a statement released, iProperty Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Shaun Di Gregorio said, “We are thrilled with the significant growth that has achieved in May 2013. Crossing the one million unique visitor mark is an affirmation that more and more property buyers and investors in Indonesia are turning to the internet to look for property and choosing to find their dream home or next property investment. The success in unique visitors also further widens the gap between’s nearest competitors in Indonesia by 32%.””

Please read the full article by clicking the link above.

The Obligation of the Engineer

I am an Engineer.

In my profession I take deep pride. To it, I owe solemn obligations.

Since the Stone Age, human progress has been spurred by the engineering genius.

Engineers have made usable nature’s vast resources of material and energy for Humanity’s [Mankind’s] benefit.

Engineers have vitalized and turned to practical use the principles of science and the means of technology.

Were it not for this heritage of accumulated experience, my efforts would be feeble.

As an Engineer, I pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect, and to uphold devotion to the standards and the dignity of my profession, conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making the best use of Earth’s precious wealth.

As an Engineer, [in humility and with the need for Divine guidance,] I shall participate in none but honest enterprises.

When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good.

In the performance of duty and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give the utmost.

The Obligation of the Engineer

If we are hiring you…

If we are hiring you because you are awesome, then you have 30 days to do something awesome. And awesome is simply defined as me (or your supervisor) thinking to him/herself, “man, that’s awesome!” just once.

The Rule of Awesome

We’re still hiring!

FYI, we’re still hiring web dev(ops), a QA engineer and an UI/UX guru.

If you’re based in Jakarta and its surrounding area and currently looking for challenging opportunities, please feel free to send me your CV and other related document/links to this email address: You can also ask me for more details if you want to.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


SEO Specialist Wanted

We are seeking a SEO specialist to join our team. This is a full time position and will be based in Jakarta. He or she will be responsible for driving search engine traffic to our sites through SEO and other online traffic generation methods. The position requires an in-depth understanding of SEO best practices and how search engines work. He or she will have the opportunity to operate at both a strategic and tactical level, while taking end-to-end ownership of the success metrics for the channel.

Key requirements:

  • Minimum 3 years of SEO experience
  • Extensive knowledge of search engine algorithms and SEO best practices.
  • Strong understanding of site optimization for search engines and link building expertise.
  • Strong analytical, organizational and leadership skills is a must
  • Good understanding of HTML, CSS, and web server environments
  • High attention to detail, and ability to effectively manage multiple projects
  • Ability to work independently and analyze large amounts of data while meeting tight deadlines
  • Experience using Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and other industry standard SEO tools
  • Degree in  Computer Science or related field is a bonus

Personal Attributes

  • Efficient
  • Positive
  • Strong work ethic and can-do attitude
  • Demonstrates initiative/proactive
  • Good Communicator

Are you interested with this position? Or, do you know someone who might fit and wants to take the challenge? Any referral is welcome. Please contact me for more details.

BTW, this QA position is still open. Any takers?



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