PN Internet Radio and TV

PN Internet Radio and PN Internet TV are two modules that allow you to listen radio and watch TV online while you are surfing or browsing your PostNuke site or other sites on the net.

These two modules are based on the original ones developed for PHP-Nuke. I modified them in order to work with PostNuke.

Key Features:

  • It’s easy to add/delete/modify radio or tv stations through the admin menu.
  • Both can be displayed as module and block.
  • Multilingual.
  • Enhanced with popup function and cookie based system, meaning that when the module is loaded, the block will be closed. It happens also when the popup window opens, the module and the block will be respectively disabled.


1. PostNuke 0.72x or higher (Earlier versions have been not tested yet. Higher versions might need some modifications to get it work.)
2. LAMP/WAMP environment

Latest version:
1. PN Internet Radio: 1.1.1
2. PN Internet TV: 1.1