Mig 1.3.8 for PostNuke

Mig is a photo album / image gallery management system. It is written in PHP and requires nothing but PHP to operate. Any version of PHP4 will work. PHP3 users will need to have at least version 3.0.6.

Utilities are included to do things like thumbnail creation, extraction of EXIF headers from JPEG files and so forth. Those tools require Perl and (for thumbnail generation) ImageMagick. You do not need Perl or ImageMagick to use Mig itself.

(Source: mig.sourceforge.net)

One of advantages using Mig is that you can configure it to fit into PHP-Nuke, PostNuke, PHPWebSite and PHPWebThings sites.

The package you find here is only suitable for PostNuke, although it can be used with PHP-Nuke as well. Just change some settings and you have a go.