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Various topics we have today, but still around FOSS.

Toolkits for NGO

I do highly appreciate people who do or create something and give their work back to communities. No matter how small the contribution someone gives, but I am sure it will anyhow have a great impact to someone else’s life. I believe that sharing is the best way to keep knowledge on the flow. That is also my main point why I keep this blog online, by the way. I hope you can take some useful things over here and by sharing we can learn together.

NGO-in-a-BoxBack to the topic, most of us know what NGOs are. We are also aware that most NGOs operate in the non-profit sectors. Their activities range from providing services and support in basic needs such as education and health, building communities in rural area, to advocacy on various subjects. People do this because they want to see improvement in lives. Sure, whatever NGOs do must conforms the policies and rules set by the government. To finance their activities many NGOs rely on donations, gifts and grants. Usually they must do a lot of things with limited budget and low resources.

And then, what do you want to say actually with this entry, brother? That question might arise in your head, right? No problem, just shoot me. Nowadays, NGOs need IT extensively to support their activities. Nobody involved in NGO can deny that. But the main obstacles occur when they have to find the right IT tools and materials such as a set of softwares with low resources. Many NGOs just can not afford to pay the proprietary softwares, resulting the use of pirate softwares. What a shame. On the other side, when they decide to deploy FOSS, they have little knowledge or it is hard to find and pick the alternatives for the proprietary softwares they usually use. Problematic, right? Therefore, we need to find the right solutions for this issue.

Fortunately, our friends at Tactical Tech provides the toolkits for NGOs. They manage some selected FOSS to several collections and specific uses, namely:

I, personally, already know the existence of these sets a year ago when I participated in the Asia Source II Camp. I often use the NGO-in-a-Box sets to help some friends with their work. And, they are satisfied and continue to use the softwares until now. In some occasions, when I have to demonstrate what you can do or achieve with FOSS, the sets are very handy and helpful. So, I really recommend these toolkits to everyone. You do not have to be a NGO person to be able to fully use it. Ordinary persons like me and you, can! I hope Tactical Tech will continuously support these sets and come with other useful things in the near future. Salute for you, guys!

Try it now, folks.

* Image is taken from here.

Interesting Links

In last few days I found various interesting links on the Net that are worth visiting.

Headhunter (III)

Entah kenapa beberapa waktu belakangan ini saya begitu tertarik dengan dunia headhunter, sehingga setiap kali ada kesempatan, saya selalu mengunjungi blog Bapak ini dan kemudian menemukan informasi tentang seorang tokoh headhunter Indonesia yang lain, yang rupanya lebih mumpuni. 😀 Beliau adalah Pak Pri Notowidigdo.

Berikut sebuah link yang berisikan sejumlah tulisan beliau yang saya temukan di Internet mengenai headhunter dan dunia kerja. (Jelajah halaman tersebut hingga menemukan nama “Pri Notowidigdo”)

Selamat membaca dan semoga terinspirasi.

Headhunter II

Menyambung tulisan saya terdahulu tentang Headhunter, hari ini saya menemukan sebuah blog bagus milik seorang headhunter di Indonesia. Mungkin ini adalah blog headhunter Indonesia pertama yang saya temukan di Internet. 🙂

Di blog tersebut terdapat banyak tulisan yang bisa menginspirasi dan memotivasi anda yang sedang mencari pekerjaan baru atau ketika seorang headhunter mencoba mendekati anda. Walaupun beliau saat ini berkecimpung di sektor energi dan konstruksi, tulisan-tulisan yang anda temukan di sana sifatnya umum, sehingga dapat dibaca oleh semua kalangan. Tertarik untuk mengeksplorasi lebih jauh? Silakan kunjungi blog Bapak Haryo ini. (Tips: Anjar Priandoyo)

Another SLAMPP Article

Today I accidentally found another SLAMPP article, titled ‘Live-Server SLAMPP Lite 2.0: Westentaschenserver‘ on the March 2007 edition of LinuxUser Germany, after randomly googling by typing “slampp” as the keyword. It mentions almost everything you can expect in SLAMPP Lite. Unfortunately it is written in German. So in order to read that article in a language you speak, you need another service to translate it. In this case I use Babelfish.

Thanks to Thomas Leichtenstern for writing this article. Happy reading! 🙂

Nokia N810 Maemo Submission Accepted

Two days ago I received a very good news from My Nokia N810 maemo submission has been accepted. Below are some quotes from the e-mail.

N810 maemo submission accepted

Congratulations! You have been accepted to the N810 maemo device program. We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the device is available in your selected shop (soon).

maemo team –

At that time on the registration page I proposed to include SLAMPP on maemo platform. IMHO, it seems this idea is very feasible to do as both are based on Linux. And according to the news I read on today, I am a part of 500 happy contributors that will get the discount to get the device when it will be available through different distribution channels next weeks. I am looking forward to it!

My big thanks to Mas MDAMT for his initial direction and introduction to Maemo, an to all parties involved in this N810 program. 🙂 I hope I could contribute something to Maemo community soon.

Executive Search (Headhunter)

Bisa jadi suatu saat ada seseorang yang menelpon anda dan kemudian menawarkan sebuah pekerjaan, apa yang akan anda lakukan? Orang atau perusahaan itu sering juga disebut dengan Executive Search consultant atau headhunter. Mereka mencari orang-orang terpilih untuk mengisi sejumlah posisi penting di perusahaan-perusahaan yang diwakilinya. Bagi sebagian besar orang, ini adalah satu kesempatan emas untuk mengembangkan diri dan karir. Apalagi jika anda merasa mentok dengan posisi sekarang atau menginginkan suatu perubahan dalam hidup anda. Hal inilah yang kurang lebih terjadi pada saya sekarang. Apa pun yang saya peroleh nantinya, saya bersyukur atas semua yang telah diberikan oleh Yang Maha Kuasa. Karena saya yakin itu yang terbaik menurut-Nya dan untuk saya.

Beberapa link berikut mungkin dapat membantu anda menyikapinya, berikut daftar konsultan yang bisa anda hubungi jika anda tertarik bergabung dengan para headhunter ini.

Jika anda memiliki pengalaman atau cerita menarik tentang topik ini, silakan berbagi di sini. Mudah-mudahan input yang anda berikan bermanfaat bagi orang yang membacanya. Terima kasih.

Personal Repository

In order to keep track of all files I’ve ever had/made/developed, I already set up a personal repository at This repository is built on a cheap VPS account I bought here.

Actually you will find nothing special over there. It is just a file browser which you can use to overview and download something interesting. I hope it would be somewhat useful to you. More files are coming soon.
Enjoy! 🙂


20/09/2007: I’m sorry guys, the repository is now temporaryly inaccessible due to server misconfiguration. I will fix it soon. Thank you.

21/09/2007: The repository is now available for public access. Thanks for waiting.