Interesting Links

In the last few months I’ve gathered some links that may trigger your interest. Most of them are IT and FOSS related and only one is from Oil and Gas sector. Yes, it is sometimes hard to share Oil and Gas resources because of the closed and competitive nature of the business and copyrights/trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights issues. And I don’t want to get in trouble by doing that for sure. 🙂 I hope you will get some benefits from the following links. IT and FOSS MultiCD – is a shell script designed to build a multiboot … Continue reading Interesting Links

Job Opening: Creative Genius (Web Designer)

Another interesting opportunity for you or your friends. Please do apply now. Thanks. 🙂 ***** We are seeking a talented and passionate Creative Genius who is inspired by web user interface design, who thinks and speaks in pixels, and who is yearning to have his/her designs painted across the interwebs. To be considered for the position of Creative Genius, there are a few requirements: High level knowledge of user interface design Appreciation of the importance of design usability Experience working in a remote/virtual work environment Attention to detail. We want pixel fighters! Send in your portfolios! Impress us! How to … Continue reading Job Opening: Creative Genius (Web Designer)

Job Opening: Python/Django Developer

Passing on interesting news for all Python/Django developers out there. 🙂 — Start of message — Are you a passionate Python programmer with experience using the Django web framework? Do you have a keen eye for detail, love writing clean and well documented code, wield Git commands like an orchestral conductor, and possess a strong desire to build web applications that are going to make the internet an even more beautiful place to interact in? If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then contact us today with your resume and a short cover letter outlining the reason for … Continue reading Job Opening: Python/Django Developer

Informasi Bencana Alam

Mungkin analisa dalam buku ini ada benarnya juga, Indonesia, the Remnants of Sunken Atlantis. Indonesia yang kita cintai ini adalah sebuah negeri yang indah, kaya raya dengan sumber daya alamnya dan memiliki potensi sumber daya manusia yang luar biasa. Namun terlepas dari itu semua, Indonesia juga merupakan negeri yang rawan bencana alam. Terletak di pertemuan dua gugusan pegunungan api aktif dunia, banyaknya patahan yang terdapat di wilayah nusantara, dikelilingi banyak lautan dan dua samudera, perubahan iklim yang ekstrim akibat pemanasan global cukup membuat masyarakat dan pemerintaj Indonesia kewalahan dalam menghadapi bencana alam yang datang silih berganti beberapa waktu belakangan ini. … Continue reading Informasi Bencana Alam

SLAMPP 2.0 on Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine Cover #107Today I am very pleased to let you know that SLAMPP 2.0 will be published on the Linux Magazine Issue #107, October 2009. Actually I already got this good news two weeks ago from Hans-Jorg, the product manager of that magazine. But, just to be in the safe side, I have postponed the announcement until today.

Continue reading “SLAMPP 2.0 on Linux Magazine”

Interesting Links

Today I found two new interesting links. It is hoped it would bring something useful for you. Low End Box – Do you ever consider to having your own VPS account, but you are not willing to pay more or just want to play around with something? Perhaps this website could help you out in finding one. It lists web hosting companies which offer VPS promotions. Softaculous – A very good alternative of Fantastico, an auto/instant software installer in CPanel and Direct Admin. It is worth it to try. Continue reading Interesting Links

Radio PPI Dunia

Sebagai seorang mahasiswa yang pernah berkecimpung di Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) di luar negeri, rasanya tidaklah berlebihan jika saya ikut mempromosikan media komunikasi baru yang dapat mempersatukan seluruh PPI di dunia ini. Mudah-mudahan dengan adanya media ini dapat memperkuat persatuan dan kesatuan pelajar/mahasiswa Indonesia di mana pun mereka berada. Silakan kunjungi situs Radio PPI Dunia dan dengarkanlah suara teman-teman anda dari seluruh dunia. Selamat menikmati (dan bernostalgia!). Continue reading Radio PPI Dunia

Please Fix Your Random Quotation Link

I have noticed that many people still use the old obsolete link for Random Hadith Quotation, the free service provided by this website. As result I often found many error reports regarding this. So to avoid any inconvenience in the future, hereby I would like to encourage you to fix the old link. with this link, More information can be found on the Random Hadith Quotation page. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I hope you enjoy using this service. Continue reading Please Fix Your Random Quotation Link

Running Your Own Random Quotation

Perhaps you ever tried the Random Hadith Quotation, the free service I provide through this website, and you are kind of interested to run it by yourself so that you can have full control on the content. Since I started it in October 2004, I received so many e-mails asking whether the scripts is available for public or the content can be edited or changing the way it looks, etc. Hopefully all the questions will be answered through this entry. Now, I would like to share with you the base script I use for that service. Basically I am using … Continue reading Running Your Own Random Quotation

HP 3G Termurah

Saat ini saya sedang membutuhkan sebuah HP 3G yang murah. Ada yang bisa memberikan rekomendasi? HP tersebut akan saya gunakan untuk eksperimen kecil-kecilan di rumah. Oh ya, sekedar tambahan informasi di akhir pekan. Beberapa saat yang lalu saya menemukan sebuah layanan e-mail berbasiskan web yang sangat menarik. Apa yang ditawarkan oleh layanan tersebut mungkin belum kita temui di Gmail, Yahoo Mail, dan sejenisnya. Layanan apakah itu? 🙂 Layanan yang dimaksud adalah layanan menjadwal pengiriman e-mail. Saya sendiri sudah mencobanya dan cukup puas dengan layanan yang diberikan. Baiklah, silakan saja eksplorasi langsung sendiri di sini, Terima kasih. Continue reading HP 3G Termurah