Job opening: Server Admin

Update on Mar 8, 2011: This position is already filled. At the moment the company I am now working for is immediately looking for a server admin. Below are the requirements: Must have experience with both Linux (Ubuntu or Debian) and Windows Server 2003, Postgresql and Apache. Experience with Windows Server 2008 is a plus. Must be able to administer both Linux-based and Windows-based server remotely (using RSAT and other tools). Must be able to write scripts to run using either WSH or Python, if you are able to write all your scripts in Python that will be a big plus. Must maintain a reasonably secure … Continue reading Job opening: Server Admin

MWD/LWD Research Project

I just wanted to help a fellow with his research project. If you could assist him, that would be much appreciated. Please see his message below. We are working on a MWD/LWD research project and looking for different MWD operating systems that are on the market and the options they have with Resistivity and other logging tools. What tools are available and what are their features? Are they compatible with others? Any feedback is welcome, like links to companies which sell and/or service tools, standalone tools, etc. Thank you. Please contact Jeroen Niesink if you can be of any help. … Continue reading MWD/LWD Research Project


I just received an information from my friend, Clint Tinsley. He is going to host a Linux Home Server BoF at Utah Open Source Conference 2009 on October 8, 2009, at Miller Campus of the Salt Lake Community College, Sandy, Utah. He will demonstrate SLAMPP 2.0.1 to get the conversation started. It is surely a good news for me and I really appreciate Clint’s work there. Sadly, I can not attend that event in person due to my personal situation right now. I hope Clint’s BoF will be running well and people could take something useful from there. Wish you … Continue reading SLAMPP on UTOSC 2009

Interesting Links

Today I found two new interesting links. It is hoped it would bring something useful for you. Low End Box – Do you ever consider to having your own VPS account, but you are not willing to pay more or just want to play around with something? Perhaps this website could help you out in finding one. It lists web hosting companies which offer VPS promotions. Softaculous – A very good alternative of Fantastico, an auto/instant software installer in CPanel and Direct Admin. It is worth it to try. Continue reading Interesting Links

Radio PPI Dunia

Sebagai seorang mahasiswa yang pernah berkecimpung di Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) di luar negeri, rasanya tidaklah berlebihan jika saya ikut mempromosikan media komunikasi baru yang dapat mempersatukan seluruh PPI di dunia ini. Mudah-mudahan dengan adanya media ini dapat memperkuat persatuan dan kesatuan pelajar/mahasiswa Indonesia di mana pun mereka berada. Silakan kunjungi situs Radio PPI Dunia dan dengarkanlah suara teman-teman anda dari seluruh dunia. Selamat menikmati (dan bernostalgia!). Continue reading Radio PPI Dunia

Please Fix Your Random Quotation Link

I have noticed that many people still use the old obsolete link for Random Hadith Quotation, the free service provided by this website. As result I often found many error reports regarding this. So to avoid any inconvenience in the future, hereby I would like to encourage you to fix the old link. with this link, More information can be found on the Random Hadith Quotation page. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I hope you enjoy using this service. Continue reading Please Fix Your Random Quotation Link