Wanted: Mobile App Developers

Update: These opportunities are no longer available and already occupied. Looking for 2-3 creative developers who can develop and maintain Jobplanet mobile application. 1. iOS (1 developer) Qualifications: 3~4 years of iOS development and publishing experience Fluency with Objective-C, iOS related APIs and SDK Experience with integrating internal and external APIs Experience with app testing and quality assurance (Unit test and/or automation) Experience with performance optimization on iOS Familiarity with visual design and user experience principles Understanding of Storyboard and Interface builder Experience with Internationalization(I18N), Localization(L10N) is a plus 2. Android (1-2 developers) Qualifications: 3~4 years of Android development and … Continue reading Wanted: Mobile App Developers

Product Checklist

Understand what people need. Address the whole experience, from start to finish. Make it simple and intuitive. Build the service using agile and iterative practices. Structure budgets and contracts to support delivery. Assign one leader and hold that person accountable. Bring in experienced teams. Choose a modern technology stack. Deploy in a flexible hosting environment. Automate testing and deployments. Manage security and privacy through reusable processes. Use data to drive decisions. Default to open. Source: U.S. Digital Services Playbook I wish Indonesian government could also setup such list.Hat tip: Matt. Continue reading Product Checklist

External link to Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey 2013 (H2)

Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey 2013 (H2)

Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey 2013 (H2) Rumah123.com kembali melaksanakan Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey. Sebuah survei untuk mengetahui tren masyarakat Indonesia terhadap keinginan memiliki dan berinvestasi properti, serta pandangannya terhadap situasi terakhir di bidang properti di Asia. Continue reading Asia Property Market Sentiment Survey 2013 (H2)

Warren Buffett’s Solution to End Deficit

I just found this interesting article on Gotham Gal’s site mentioning Warren Buffett’s solution to end deficit in United States. I do concur what he said. I think that we just rely too much our faith on politicians who sit on Congress or Parliament to decide things on our lives, while we actually can do the opposite. Politicians should be holding more responsibilities to whom they represent. Without us, they are nothing. So, I am suggesting you to read that article to get his words in full. We apparently could apply the same rules to manage Indonesia’s recent situation. By having or perhaps pushing politicians to … Continue reading Warren Buffett’s Solution to End Deficit