Today I found some nice resources on the Internet which might be useful for you with regards to micromanagement. Reading this article is more like freshening my mind how we should manage people in our subordination and also get the feelings when you are in their position. And, in other side, in order to avoid your manager treats you like that again and again, perhaps this article could guide you to that direction. However nobody likes to be micromanaged though, but sometimes micromanagement is needed in positive and limited way. This article helps us to resonate that. Of course, there … Continue reading Micromanagement

The Manager’s Cheat Sheet

Managing is like communicating and connecting with other people. How you manage will show who you are in real. Sometimes doing or following basic things will improve or boost your management skills. And, I, personally, and perhaps you too, will agree and admit that fact. To get to know more what all those basic things or rules are, InsideCRM has a great article talking about this. Please read this article thoroughly, “The Manager’s Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders“. No matter on what business you are into, these rules just apply anywhere. Happy reading! (Tips: CXO Community on Linkedin) Continue reading The Manager’s Cheat Sheet

Interesting Links

In last few days I found various interesting links on the Net that are worth visiting. Plumi – A Free Software video sharing Content Management System based on Plone. Gadmintools – Provides GUI tools for administrating your servers, which makes your work a lot more easier. No offense to CLI fans. 🙂 wicd – an alternative network manager for Linux. Yammer – Twitter for the enterprise. (Tips: Budi Putra) Slicehost Article Repository – Contains a bunch of good and useful articles and tutorials how to set up, install, administer and fixing issues on a VPS account. droopy – A mini … Continue reading Interesting Links