Snow in Hoofddorp

Please see this transformation. These pictures were taken from my friend’s house in Hoofddorp on February 25 and 26, 2004.

Sunny day on Feb 25, 2004   Snowy day on Feb 26, 2004

Kecambah’s Dinner

Last night I had a Kecambah’s dinner at Sarah’s room, our newest member. Kecambah is an informal organization of all Indonesian students who have been lucky to receive scholarship from WDISF to study Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Here are some photos taken during the dinner.


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Snow on 1st day of 2004

It’s a snowy day today. ūüôā
Quite unique, anyway. Last year we had no snow, but this year we do. I hope this is going to be a good sign for all of us..


For full pictures, please visit my gallery.