My Little Angel, Kalinda

Time does fly so fast. My little angel is now growing up to a beautiful human being. I know I rarely mention about my personal matters, especially about my family on this blog. It is because I just love my family and would like to keep and protect their privacy from outside world. They deserve to live happy and peacefully.

Yesterday my wife had successfully managed to take some interesting pictures of my 11-month-old daughter. And that has tempted me to reveal a bit her pictures. This mainly has to do with a general message I would like to pass on to you. 🙂 The spirit of promoting Open Source.

It seems Kalinda is now befriending with Penguin aka Tux, the mascot of Linux. She looks really cute with that Penguin bag. :p Hopefully I could introduce her to the real Linux operating system very soon. Of course starting immediately with SLAMPP. She ought to master it as well like his daddy. Now, you should have known why I code-named SLAMPP 2.0.x with Kalinda. LOL. 🙂

Have fun and enjoy the show!

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Snow in Hoofddorp

Please see this transformation. These pictures were taken from my friend’s house in Hoofddorp on February 25 and 26, 2004.

Sunny day on Feb 25, 2004   Snowy day on Feb 26, 2004

Kecambah’s Dinner

Last night I had a Kecambah’s dinner at Sarah’s room, our newest member. Kecambah is an informal organization of all Indonesian students who have been lucky to receive scholarship from WDISF to study Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Here are some photos taken during the dinner.


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Snow on 1st day of 2004

It’s a snowy day today. 🙂
Quite unique, anyway. Last year we had no snow, but this year we do. I hope this is going to be a good sign for all of us..


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New Year’s Eve and Celebration 2004

This is my first entry in 2004. 🙂

Today, I feel very happy and lonely at the same time. I miss my beloved people very much; my family, my friends and not to forget, my dearest one.

I already made my new year’s resolutions and will try to bring them into life. Although, in some cases I don’t even have clues how to accomplish my goals. 😦
But, yeah, life must go on and life is much more exciting when you realize as it is, right?

Yesterday, I just stayed at home, watching some movies on TV, doing some works on the net and trying to amuse myself with anything I can play with at home.

Here are some photos taken during new year’s eve 2004 in Rotterdam. Photos were shot from my room’s window. I hope you’re going to enjoy them.


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