Drill-Tek MWD’s Channel on YouTube

Just wanted to share a good YouTube resource for all MWD people who use especially Drill-Tek MWD equipment and other Tensor/Positive Pulse MWD derivatives in general. Please visit this link to go the channel, http://www.youtube.com/drilltekmwd. Hopefully it will be of benefit for you and your company. Thanks Cory for sharing this to us. It’s very kind of you. You guys are awesome! — PS. If you know or have other valuable resources with regards to MWD/LWD or Directional Drilling you’d like to share with public, please let me know. I am happy to post it here. Thanks. Continue reading Drill-Tek MWD’s Channel on YouTube

MWD/LWD List – Updated

I’ve just updated my MWD/LWD Manufacturers List with some new information. I hope you all will find it useful. The point I’d like to reiterate here is that I just wanted to help people who are going to jump into the MWD/LWD business. So they know where to go and get the right equipment for their projects. Of course the existing players would get the same benefit as well. Moreover, if your company is not listed yet on that list or this DD/MWD/LWD Service Companies List and would like to submit your information, please feel free to contact me. I … Continue reading MWD/LWD List – Updated

DD/MWD/LWD Softwares

To expand the list I compiled with regards to DD/MWD/LWD service companies around the world, I would like to add another new section or even page for listing companies which are independently developing DD/MWD/LWD softwares. As you know, drilling business is closely related and goes hand in hand with IT development. I can hardly imagine how the business would run nowadays if it doesn’t get supported well by IT. Even, some new business models have been established based on this relationship and their contributions do matter and play important roles in successful exploration and production operations. So, which type of … Continue reading DD/MWD/LWD Softwares

Tough Search

Yes, you read it well. It’s been a while that I have been looking for a DD/MWD/LWD service company which could provide full range of MWD/LWD equipment and services in this world. But, up to now without any significant results. I am not talking about big players such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Weatherford, Precision, Baker Hughes or even Pathfinders, because they are already in the league. What I am actually seeking is the service company which has invested a lot in the equipment and at the same time gained good reputation within the industry. A tough search for sure. The reason … Continue reading Tough Search


Dear fellow DDs and MWD/LWD hands, please participate in this short survey. I and a friend are namely interested to get a better insight what makes DD/MWD/LWD hands ‘happy’ with their work, company and co-workers. That is an aspect which sometimes is forgotten and recognized but being partially ignored by us. But as time goes by, it will slowly but sure erode our goodwill, spirit and performance, right? The cause for unhappiness may vary from case to case, person to person, but through this survey we try to figure out the general feelings of DDs and MWD/LWD hands looking at … Continue reading DD/MWD/LWD Survey

MWD/LWD Research Project

I just wanted to help a fellow with his research project. If you could assist him, that would be much appreciated. Please see his message below. We are working on a MWD/LWD research project and looking for different MWD operating systems that are on the market and the options they have with Resistivity and other logging tools. What tools are available and what are their features? Are they compatible with others? Any feedback is welcome, like links to companies which sell and/or service tools, standalone tools, etc. Thank you. Please contact Jeroen Niesink if you can be of any help. … Continue reading MWD/LWD Research Project

GE MWD/LWD Company Directory

To extend my existing list of World Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD Companies, I am planning in my spare time, outside office and family hours, to start gathering information on companies that purchase and run GE MWD/LWD Systems specifically. The main intention behind this initiative is to provide actual information to whom interested in utilizing those systems in their projects. The upcoming directory could also serve our fellow MWD/LWD Engineers/Operators/Technician/Consultants to find a right company for their next endeavor. Or, any other use of the directory is also welcome. Feel free to use it as long as everything is on the right path. … Continue reading GE MWD/LWD Company Directory

Initial Start: MWD/LWD Manufacturers and Suppliers List

Updates on October 28, 2009:
For a complete and updated list, please visit this page.


It is generally known in the oil and gas industry that the big oilfield service companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Weatherford are manufacturing their drilling tools by themselves, including MWD/LWD tools. They also conduct their own research and development to find best methods in producing and running the tools. The competition among them is so frightening. So much so, that they won’t allow others to possess their tools by any means.

So now comes a question,

“If I want to start a new (independent) Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD service company, where can I purchase MWD/LWD tools and its spare parts if the big guys won’t allow me to do that ?”

This was the main reason which triggered me to list MWD/LWD manufactures and suppliers in this world. To help people like you who want to start a business in this industry.

Continue reading “Initial Start: MWD/LWD Manufacturers and Suppliers List”