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In the last few months I’ve gathered some links that may trigger your interest. Most of them are IT and FOSS related and only one is from Oil and Gas sector. Yes, it is sometimes hard to share Oil and Gas resources because of the closed and competitive nature of the business and copyrights/trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights issues. And I don’t want to get in trouble by doing that for sure. 🙂 I hope you will get some benefits from the following links.


Oil and Gas

Online Linux Live CD/DVD/USB Building Systems and Online Storage

As usual and also typical me, I am kind of a late adopter of new technology. Any kind of it, you just name it. Sometimes I feel myself old-fashioned and people see me as an old person. I don’t mind with that as long as I am happy in using the technology I am familiar with. I have my own assumption though, the newer is not always the better. 🙂

But, recently new development in Linux world has teased me to try something new. In this case I would like to let you know the existence of SUSE Studio. By using it, building a Linux Live CD/DVD/USB is now not that difficult anymore. In fact everyone can easily do that. The learning curve is so flat. Just click everything you need, the online system will prepare your custom Linux distribution based on openSUSE. Besides this system, there are similar systems already available in simple format. For example, NimbleX with its Custom NimbleX Live CD Generator and SLAX with its Build SLAX system. So, the choice is absolutely yours. I just received my SUSE Studio activation code, and now I am going to see what I can do with this. 🙂

Oh, almost forgotten. Have you tried Ubuntu One as well? What do you think of it? For me, it is just an online storage. A place where you can save, retrieve, share, sync your files on the internet using an Ubuntu designed application. In default you will get 2 GB of free space. If you need more, then  you have to pay. Recently, SLAX launches a very much alike service. Tomas called it, Slax Drive. What makes different is that Tomas has opened his service to be used and connected from other Linux distributions, so not only from SLAX. That is what I like, the freedom to choose and the generousity. It looks like people are now in favour of cloud computing.

However, if you just need an online storage service, you don’t have to be bound with one specific operating system. There are plenty of such services nowadays. You can think of Dropbox,, etc. It feels good when you have the right solution within reach. Right guys?

Interesting Links

My reading list today from various sources on the Net.

  • How To: Getting a lean system with a custom Ubuntu install – Decide what you want with your Ubuntu system and install just what you need. Nice and useful how to, BTW!
  • Tiny Core Linux – Amazingly Linux is getting smaller every day. This Linux distribution is just 10 MB in size and has minimal applications to boot in a very minimal X desktop. Of course you can extend its capabilities by adding other applications online. No wonder, the previous main developer of Damn Small Linux (DSL), Robert Shingledecker, is the mastermind of this creation. I don’t know precisely whether Tiny Core Linux was the result of conflict happened in DSL recently. Because of this conflict, the DSL development is now a little bit stagnant.
  • murgaLua – Learn the programming language that is being used extensively inside Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux. (Probably Tiny Core Linux uses it as well.) I also deploy some Lua applications in SLAMPP.
  • Can Open Source Help the Economy? – Yes, it can. Read the article for the explanation. 🙂

Interesting Links

I have collected some interesting links I found on the Net with various topics. I hope they could inspire you.

  • Hardening the Linux desktop – Please login first to get the article in PDF. This tutorial was written for the Linux beginners. It shows you how to make your Linux desktop secure and free from virus/malware attacks. Although it was meant for the desktop, this tutorial put basics for hardening the Linux server. A recommended reading material for Linux users. (via
  • Lazy Linux: 11 secrets for lazy cluster admins – Do you have Linux clusters running on your organization? Don’t waste your valuable time by learning those secrets to manage the clusters. (via
  • Reducing IT Costs with Linux – Setting aside the OS wars, Windows and Linux can be combined in any number of scenarios. (via
  • Apa sih DNS Awari? – Do you live in Indonesia and want to surf the internet worry free from things like pornography, etc? Try this free DNS service. Just fill this IP address in your DNS settings of your PC or network. However, it seems it still relies on the OpenDNS servers. OR, you can set up your own machine by following this simple and quick tutorial. Sorry guys, all articles are in Indonesian only.
  • WordPress Legacy – Did you ever notice that when you visited a website, you got “This is an Attack Site!” warning on your Firefox browser provided by Google? That message is warning you that Google has found something unusual and marks that website as a dangerous place to visit. How could this happen anyway? It seems that someone out there has successfully inserted or put malicious and often dangerous links or applications on someone’s else website for their own profits. However, the infected sites will behave normally until Firefox displays the warning. Moreover, believe it or not, some recent studies said that most of those websites use the outdated WordPress which surely contains many security problems. So, it is wisely, strongly recommended to upgrade your WP website right away to the latest release to avoid this ridiculous thing. I think everyone would agree with this solution. Now, what should you do if you don’t have enough time or energy to keep up with all the WP releases? You know the fact, staying with the old one would harm you badly, but continuously upgrading to the new one would be costly regarding time etc. But don’t you worry, stop those worries by using this WordPress Legacy 2.0 Branch. It will provide security and critical fixes until 2010 (first release in 2005). Be happy and productive! (via Harry Sufehmi)
    • Important note: You should apply the same action for any CMS you use on your website. This thing can happen to everyone. Personally I would suggest you a simple rule. Always use the stable version, in favor of legacy one if any, just like what WordPress has done. Never put the testing/unstable version onto production site, unless you know what you are doing.
  • Have You Ever Been Embarrassed To Be Frugal? – I don’t. Do you? 😉
  • Tips for working from home – In case you are working at home. Nice tips! (via Frugal Dad)
  • 34 reminders to help you find your way
  • Money is 100 percent emotional – I am afraid what this guy wrote is 100% true. It hits directly to what we feel about money. (via Frugal Dad)

The 2009 BlankOn Challenge

BlankOn LinuxIf you are a bright student, Indonesian citizen, would like to contribute to the development of BlankOn Linux and have guts to create and try new things, please consider to participate in the 2009 BlankOn Challenge (full information in Indonesian). I ensure you, it is not whether you win or lose, what you achieve in this challenge will be appreciated by many people. Just make your parents (or girl-/boyfriend) proud of you, will you guys? 🙂

FYI, BlankOn is an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD with enhanced support for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Interesting Links

I browsed around and found some interesting Linux (mostly Debian/Ubuntu) utilities on and They might be worth to try though even for advanced users.


LEMP = Linux EngineX MySQL PHP 😀

Ya, itu mungkin sebuah singkatan yang jarang kita dengar, walau sebenarnya tidaklah terlalu asing di telinga. Tentunya selama ini kita selalu mendengar atau membaca tentang LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). Yang membedakannya adalah fungsi server web Apache di LAMP kita ganti dengan EngineX atau Nginx di LEMP.

Saya tidak tahu apakah sebagian besar pengguna Internet di Indonesia sudah mengetahui keberadaan Nginx sebelumnya. Bagi anda yang kebetulan belum tahu apa itu Nginx, mungkin sejumlah situs di bawah ini dapat membantu menambah wawasan anda.

Continue reading “LEMP”

Create a Plug ‘n’ Play Zone with Ubuntu

I just read the 14th issue of Full Circle Magazine and found an interesting article on page 8 until 11 that might be interesting for you to explore more. It shows you how to create a zone where every laptop or PC in that zone can install and run Ubuntu. What you need to do is just to bring your laptop to that zone, plug it to the zone network and let the ‘magic’ does its job. After waiting for a while,  you are ready to rock and roll with Ubuntu installed on your laptop. IMHO, the method shown in that article adapts more or less the LTSP concept with a brilliant modification. Two thumbs up for the author. 🙂

Happy reading!

Linux Internet Kiosk

Continuing my effort to gather some documentation how to do things, below you will find several documentation I found on the Internet how to build or set up a Linux Internet/Web Kiosk.

Or, if you don’t have enough time to do it by yourself, you can rely on the following Linux distributions:

Linux Live USB

I gathered some links that might be useful for you regarding the making of various Linux Live USB.

Furthermore, provides more information and tutorials for this Linux Live USB. So, it is very recommended to visit that website.

Bergabung dengan BlankOn

BlankOn - Distro Linux Indonesia

Alhamdulillah hari ini saya diterima sebagai salah seorang anggota dari tim Steering BlankOn. Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada teman-teman di komunitas BlankOn dan Ubuntu Indonesia atas dukungan yang telah diberikan kepada saya. Dalam tim ini saya akan berkonsentrasi pada pengembangan komunitas (community development) sekaligus membantu teman-teman dalam pengembangan distro BlankOn ke versi selanjutnya yang akan diberi nama, Lontara.

Untuk informasi selanjutnya tentang BlankOn dapat dilihat di sini:

SLAMPP: Up and Go

First of all, I would like to apologize to all SLAMPP users, where ever you are in the world, for being lazy and so ignorant in the last few months. Due to my current job as a Measurement while Drilling/Logging while Drilling (MWD/LWD) Field Engineer which takes so much time of mine, I can not always resume my work on this project and spend some of my spare time in it. Sometimes I have to be on the field for a couple of weeks, far from civilization. Therefore I would like to ask your favor to have patience with me. This project is not going to be a dead project, just needs some time to recover from a major hardware failure of the server where I host SLAMPP. Now, with help of my best friend Harry, everything is running smoothly again. Thanks Harry for your kind assistance.

While I take care of everything to ensure the new development cycle of SLAMPP, I hope you still enjoy visiting that website and using SLAMPP. Please bear the mess you might find in your journey exploring SLAMPP on that website as it is not 100% ready yet.

See you in the next generation of SLAMPP, soon! 🙂


Perhaps you ever read or noticed about this thing, Wubi, elsewhere on the Net. By using Wubi, we can install Ubuntu from a Windows system. Pretty cool, isn’t it? No need to make a new partition, no worry about messing up your existing system and the best thing is, it’s free! You can find more information about this installer on its official website. Just click on the first link provided above.

Still confused how to do that in real? Just check out this tutorial, prepared and written by people from HowtoForge.Com.

Of course, you can find similar things and also think this is a ‘crap’. But my intention is to put the emphasis on how easy we install an alternative operating system, in this case Linux, on our Windows system.

Lontar Udayana

Update 24 Januari 2012

‘Lontar Udayana on DVD’ dapat diunduh kembali di sini

Besar berkas ISO: 722MB
MD5: 84235b62115e865c4a808775ecb5c638

Beberapa hari yang lalu Mas Idban menemukan sebuah warisan leluhur yang menurut saya patut kita lestarikan. Walau pun sumber tersebut saat ini diletakkan di sebuah tempat di luar negeri, saya rasa tidak ada salahnya kita simpan juga di dalam negeri sebagai koleksi pribadi atau untuk edukasi. Atas dasar permintaan Mas Idban inilah, saya memberanikan diri untuk mendistribusikan isi offline dari situs tersebut ke dalam sebuah berkas ISO yang dapat dibakar ke CD atau DVD.

Kebetulan saat ini saya masih berada di Amerika Serikat, di mana koneksi internet sangatlah cepat, sehingga proses kompilasi berkas tersebut dapat diselesaikan dalam waktu satu malam saja. Dengan bantuan HTTrack Website Copier yang dijalankan di sistem operasi Ubuntu Linux 6.10, saya dapat mengkopi semua isi yang diinginkan. Kemudian, untuk dapat menampilkan isi tersebut secara offline ketika CD/DVD dimasukkan ke dalam drive, saya menggunakan Server2Go sebagai server mini-nya. Ini berarti saat ini Lontar Udayana baru dapat dijalankan di sistem operasi Windows. Versi Linux mungkin baru dapat direalisasikan jika situasi dan kondisinya mengizinkan. Jika ada rekan-rekan lain yang ingin menindaklanjutinya, silakan saja. Saya akan senang sekali.

Update 6 April 2007

Baiklah, tanpa panjang lebar, anda dapat mengunduh berkas ISO yang dimaksud di sini (483 MB).

Saat ini link telah dinonaktifkan. Jika ada yang berminat, silakan menghubungi saya secara langsung untuk memperoleh alamat yang baru. Terima kasih.

Saya sendiri tidak dapat menjamin kelangsungan distribusi Lontar Udayana di situs ini. Jika ada pihak yang keberatan dan mengajukan keberatannya kepada saya secara tertulis, maka dengan sangat terpaksa saya akan meng-offline-kannya. Saya tidak mau berurusan dengan hukum. Oleh karena itu, manfaatkanlah waktu yang tersedia untuk memperoleh koleksi Lontar tersebut. 🙂

Semoga ada manfaatnya bagi kita semua.