SLAMPP 2.0 arrives!


That long awaited moment has come. Today I am glad to let you know that SLAMPP 2.0 is available for public download. There are a lot of enhancements in this new release. Some of them are the following:

– Using the Linux live kernel
– Code-named “KALINDA” and now DVD based
– Provides pre-configured servers and related utilities to ease your work in setting up an instant home server
– Provides full Web and Linux development environment: LAMPP and Ruby on Rails, IDEs, Frameworks, Compilers, Interpreters, Utilities, etc
– Equips with fancy bootsplash and progress bar, nice desktop wallpaper, complete Open Office suite/multimedia/graphics/audio video applications and many more
– Maintains the SLAX modularity. You can easily add new modules to SLAMPP.
– Can be installed on hard disk or USB
– Supports persistent partitions on USB
– Can do a live cloning of running system
– Supports .txz and .tlz packages (Slackware current package format)
– Easy to update and upgrade all packages to Zenwalk and Slackware repositories with Netpkg, slapt-get/gslapt, zpm/Zendo package management tools
– Last but not least, there are many interesting features left to be explored by yourself. πŸ™‚

I also setup a new homepage to replace the old one, to indicate the new direction of SLAMPP. SLAMPP strives now for a good balance and combination between desktop and server. That is the reason why I mixed the command line and graphical applications onto one medium. I hope this new direction is not going to confuse you.

Alright guys, I am not going to bore you with this announcement. Just visit SLAMPP at its new homepage over here, and grab your copy.

Please download SLAMPP 2.0 aka Kalinda (1.9 GB) here.

I would like to thank Slackware and Zenwalk development team, Tomas M. for Linux Live scripts, Romi Satria Wahono and all people of Brainmatics for their support in providing the development area and facilities and their companion during long development, Aminudin for uploading the huge iso file to the server, Luri Darmawan for his ideas and suggestions and last but not least, Harry Sufehmi for letting me use his server to serve the SLAMPP website and repository.

Furthermore, I specially dedicate this release to my beloved spouse and daughter. Thank you for your patience and love.

Have fun using SLAMPP, folks!

Progress on SLAMPP 2.0

It seems that SLAMPP 2.0 will be released by the end of this month. I am very sorry for this another delay. It is due to some changes I made during the last days regarding which packages should be included on SLAMPP. I am still considering to add new applications which will turn SLAMPP in to a full Web and Linux development distribution. As result, SLAMPP will not fit anymore on a CD (size > 700 MB). You may disagree with this, but I hope it is not going to discourage you trying out SLAMPP when it is released.

Some new highlighted applications will be included are PRADO PHP Framework, Django Python Framework,, Ruby on Rails, Glade Interface Designer, Netbeans or Eclipse IDE, Open Office 3.1, Inkscape, Blender, Scribus, Git, Subversion and Mercurial.

Do you have something to say? I welcome any input of yours. Thank you.

What’s New on SLAMPP 2.0?

Desktop screenshot of SLAMPP 2.0

I am almost there! The new SLAMPP will come soon with the following highlights:

  • Using kernel linux, patched with everything needed to work with the latest Linux Live script
  • Based on Zenwalk 6.0 and inherits almost of all its characteristics and tools
  • Getting packages from Zenwalk, native Slackware 12.2, SlackBuilds and repositories
  • Packages which are not found on the above resources are compiled directly from the source
  • Equipped with full set of development libraries and interpreters to ease your package compilation process
  • Following applications are compiled on to SLAMPP: (details would be provided later on)
    • Servers: Apache 2, BIND, dnsmasq, dhcp, Samba, NFS, Pure-FTPD, Squid, MySQL, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, SQLite, Git, Subversion, Qmailrocks packages, and many more
    • Network and IDS utilities: ntop, cacti, nagios, nessus, snort, rkhunter, chkrootkit, honeyd + honeycombo, oinkmaster, nmap, Wireshark, HTTrack, TightVNC, rdesktop, GAdmin Tools collection, and many more
    • System Administration: Webmin and Usermin
    • Programming languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua
    • Editor: Bluefish, Geany, mousepad, Hex editor
    • Office: Open Office, epdfview
    • Graphics: The GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Dia
    • Multimedia: Brasero, goobox, Exaile, Totem
    • Miscellaneous utilities: Firestarter, GParted, htop, Grsync, ndiswrapper, Wicd, Live CD Hard Disk installer, Disk Manager, Lilo installer, GNOME network tools and servers/services control panel
    • Package management: Netpkg, slapt-get/gslapt, pkgtools, slackpkg
    • Desktop Environment: XFCE 4.6

That would be all. FYI, this new release will be completely incompatible with the previous releases. Therefore, no upgrade feature will be provided. Having said that, I strongly recommend you to do a fresh install with this upcoming release if you intend to have it run permanently on your PC.

When are you going to release it ? Hopefully I will be able to announce it publicly by the end of this month or within the first week of July. Stay tuned.

Thank you.


I forgot to mention something. Starting from this release, besides the version information, I will give a release a name. The name of SLAMPP 2.0 is Kalinda. I name it after my daughter’s name. πŸ™‚

Mirror Server Needed for SLAMPP

Dear friends, if everything goes smooth as expected, I am planning to release the new version of SLAMPP at the end of this month. The new SLAMPP will be based on the latest stable release ofΒ  Zenwalk and Slackware Linux 12.2. Just like the previous releases, SLAMPP is compiled to be an instant home server solution to everyone who would like to set up their own server without any fuss. However, the size of the iso file would be a little bit bigger than before, estimated around 650 to 700 MB. Hopefully you will not complain about it. Right now I am in the phase of beta testing the protoype.

Regarding this release plan, I would like to ask your favor, guys. I urgently need (a or) some mirror servers to distribute SLAMPP. Location does not matter me, as long as you have enough space and bandwith to serve the traffic. So, if there is someone out there could help me out with this, please let me know. I will appreciate your support.

I will be back to you soon with more details about the release. Thank you so much.


I am also open and welcome for new SLAMPP logo and desktop background submission from public. I will include your creation in the release.

Open Source dan Pilpres RI 2009

Sepertinya dalam ajang Pemilihan Presiden Republik Indonesia tahun ini, komunitas Open Source di Indonesia dapat berbangga hati dan mengambil banyak manfaat (dibaca: rezeki materi dan immateri). Kenapa saya beranggapan demikian? Tidaklah perlu kita melihat terlalu jauh dan membuat analisa yang dalam untuk membuktikannya. Cara sederhana yang dapat dilakukan semua orang adalah dengan mengunjungi situs web resmi kampanye masing-masing calon pasangan Presiden dan Wakil Presiden tersebut dan memperhatikan secara keseluruhan tampilan yang ada.

Dari tampilan luar dan karakteristik yang terlihat, seseorang dapat dengan segera mengenali aplikasi yang digunakan untuk membuat situs-situs tersebut. Untuk memperoleh informasi lingkungan server, saya menggunakan data yang disediakan oleh Netcraft dan DomainTools. Berikut ringkasannya.

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Please Nominate SLAMPPLite is going to hold their fourth annual Community
Choice Awards
this year. As an admin of few projects on I have been given the oppportunity to let one of my projects to be nominated in the Awards. Although it is a little bit too late as the nomination will be closed on May 29, 2009, but I will take my chance to participate. Therefore I am going to ask your favor to please nominate the following project of mine, SLAMPPLite.

If you like SLAMPPLite and found it useful, please click the nomination button below.


Thank you for your votes. I really appreciate your appreciation so far.

Interesting Links

My reading list today from various sources on the Net.

  • How To: Getting a lean system with a custom Ubuntu install – Decide what you want with your Ubuntu system and install just what you need. Nice and useful how to, BTW!
  • Tiny Core Linux – Amazingly Linux is getting smaller every day. This Linux distribution is just 10 MB in size and has minimal applications to boot in a very minimal X desktop. Of course you can extend its capabilities by adding other applications online. No wonder, the previous main developer of Damn Small Linux (DSL), Robert Shingledecker, is the mastermind of this creation. I don’t know precisely whether Tiny Core Linux was the result of conflict happened in DSL recently. Because of this conflict, the DSL development is now a little bit stagnant.
  • murgaLua – Learn the programming language that is being used extensively inside Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux. (Probably Tiny Core Linux uses it as well.) I also deploy some Lua applications in SLAMPP.
  • Can Open Source Help the Economy? – Yes, it can. Read the article for the explanation. πŸ™‚

Interesting Links

I have collected some interesting links I found on the Net with various topics. I hope they could inspire you.

  • Hardening the Linux desktop – Please login first to get the article in PDF. This tutorial was written for the Linux beginners. It shows you how to make your Linux desktop secure and free from virus/malware attacks. Although it was meant for the desktop, this tutorial put basics for hardening the Linux server. A recommended reading material for Linux users. (via
  • Lazy Linux: 11 secrets for lazy cluster admins – Do you have Linux clusters running on your organization? Don’t waste your valuable time by learning those secrets to manage the clusters. (via
  • Reducing IT Costs with Linux – Setting aside the OS wars, Windows and Linux can be combined in any number of scenarios. (via
  • Apa sih DNS Awari? – Do you live in Indonesia and want to surf the internet worry free from things like pornography, etc? Try this free DNS service. Just fill this IP address in your DNS settings of your PC or network. However, it seems it still relies on the OpenDNS servers. OR, you can set up your own machine by following this simple and quick tutorial. Sorry guys, all articles are in Indonesian only.
  • WordPress Legacy – Did you ever notice that when you visited a website, you got “This is an Attack Site!” warning on your Firefox browser provided by Google? That message is warning you that Google has found something unusual and marks that website as a dangerous place to visit. How could this happen anyway? It seems that someone out there has successfully inserted or put malicious and often dangerous links or applications on someone’s else website for their own profits. However, the infected sites will behave normally until Firefox displays the warning. Moreover, believe it or not, some recent studies said that most of those websites use the outdated WordPress which surely contains many security problems. So, it is wisely, strongly recommended to upgrade your WP website right away to the latest release to avoid this ridiculous thing. I think everyone would agree with this solution. Now, what should you do if you don’t have enough time or energy to keep up with all the WP releases? You know the fact, staying with the old one would harm you badly, but continuously upgrading to the new one would be costly regarding time etc. But don’t you worry, stop those worries by using this WordPress Legacy 2.0 Branch. It will provide security and critical fixes until 2010 (first release in 2005). Be happy and productive! (via Harry Sufehmi)
    • Important note: You should apply the same action for any CMS you use on your website. This thing can happen to everyone. Personally I would suggest you a simple rule. Always use the stable version, in favor of legacy one if any, just like what WordPress has done. Never put the testing/unstable version onto production site, unless you know what you are doing.
  • Have You Ever Been Embarrassed To Be Frugal? – I don’t. Do you? πŸ˜‰
  • Tips for working from home – In case you are working at home. Nice tips! (via Frugal Dad)
  • 34 reminders to help you find your way
  • Money is 100 percent emotional – I am afraid what this guy wrote is 100% true. It hits directly to what we feel about money. (via Frugal Dad)

Interesting Links

Various topics we have today, but still around FOSS.

The 2009 BlankOn Challenge

BlankOn LinuxIf you are a bright student, Indonesian citizen, would like to contribute to the development of BlankOn Linux and have guts to create and try new things, please consider to participate in the 2009 BlankOn Challenge (full information in Indonesian). I ensure you, it is not whether you win or lose, what you achieve in this challenge will be appreciated by many people. Just make your parents (or girl-/boyfriend) proud of you, will you guys? πŸ™‚

FYI, BlankOn is an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD with enhanced support for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Interesting Links

I browsed around and found some interesting Linux (mostly Debian/Ubuntu) utilities on and They might be worth to try though even for advanced users.

Interesting Links

In last few days I found various interesting links on the Net that are worth visiting.


LEMP = Linux EngineX MySQL PHP πŸ˜€

Ya, itu mungkin sebuah singkatan yang jarang kita dengar, walau sebenarnya tidaklah terlalu asing di telinga. Tentunya selama ini kita selalu mendengar atau membaca tentang LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). Yang membedakannya adalah fungsi server web Apache di LAMP kita ganti dengan EngineX atau Nginx di LEMP.

Saya tidak tahu apakah sebagian besar pengguna Internet di Indonesia sudah mengetahui keberadaan Nginx sebelumnya. Bagi anda yang kebetulan belum tahu apa itu Nginx, mungkin sejumlah situs di bawah ini dapat membantu menambah wawasan anda.

Continue reading “LEMP”

Interesting Linux Distro

Just a quick note today. I found two interesting Linux distributions that might trigger your interest to try or to explore more.

  • SliTaz – a very small LiveCD distribution, which is less than 30 MB in size. It boots very fast and contains many daily applications. You can also install it on HD or run it on USB key.
  • Slack Mini Server Project – another competitor of SLAMPP. πŸ™‚ It’s fully loaded with many powerful and useful applications to run your own server on the fly.

Added @ 13:17:

Another nice resource for Ubuntu users, especially for the beginners, can be found here. Happy reading!