The 2009 BlankOn Challenge

BlankOn LinuxIf you are a bright student, Indonesian citizen, would like to contribute to the development of BlankOn Linux and have guts to create and try new things, please consider to participate in the 2009 BlankOn Challenge (full information in Indonesian). I ensure you, it is not whether you win or lose, what you achieve in this challenge will be appreciated by many people. Just make your parents (or girl-/boyfriend) proud of you, will you guys? 🙂

FYI, BlankOn is an Ubuntu-based desktop Linux distribution and live CD with enhanced support for Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

Create a Plug ‘n’ Play Zone with Ubuntu

I just read the 14th issue of Full Circle Magazine and found an interesting article on page 8 until 11 that might be interesting for you to explore more. It shows you how to create a zone where every laptop or PC in that zone can install and run Ubuntu. What you need to do is just to bring your laptop to that zone, plug it to the zone network and let the ‘magic’ does its job. After waiting for a while,  you are ready to rock and roll with Ubuntu installed on your laptop. IMHO, the method shown in that article adapts more or less the LTSP concept with a brilliant modification. Two thumbs up for the author. 🙂

Happy reading!

Bergabung dengan BlankOn

BlankOn - Distro Linux Indonesia

Alhamdulillah hari ini saya diterima sebagai salah seorang anggota dari tim Steering BlankOn. Terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada teman-teman di komunitas BlankOn dan Ubuntu Indonesia atas dukungan yang telah diberikan kepada saya. Dalam tim ini saya akan berkonsentrasi pada pengembangan komunitas (community development) sekaligus membantu teman-teman dalam pengembangan distro BlankOn ke versi selanjutnya yang akan diberi nama, Lontara.

Untuk informasi selanjutnya tentang BlankOn dapat dilihat di sini: