Ramadan Kareem

I’d like to wish all muslims in the world, happy fasting ( صومًا مقبولاً) in this holy month of Ramadan 1432 H. May Allah reward all your good deeds and bless you.

Please Fix Your Random Quotation Link

I have noticed that many people still use the old obsolete link for Random Hadith Quotation, the free service provided by this website. As result I often found many error reports regarding this. So to avoid any inconvenience in the future, hereby I would like to encourage you to fix the old link.


with this link,


More information can be found on the Random Hadith Quotation page.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I hope you enjoy using this service.

Random Hadith Quotation Updated

Today I’ve spent some time to update a little project of mine, called Random Hadith Quotation. I managed to add new 85 hadiths into that free service. So the total of hadith quotations inserted so far is 200 hadiths. FYI, all hadiths are taken from this resource, Compendium of Muslim Texts at MSA-USC. I am trying to include all known and popular hadith collections available in this world.

Demo: Visit this link and reload it to get a new random hadith quotation.

I hope you enjoy using this free service.