Utah Open Source Conference 2009I just received an information from my friend, Clint Tinsley. He is going to host a Linux Home Server BoF at Utah Open Source Conference 2009 on October 8, 2009, at Miller Campus of the Salt Lake Community College, Sandy, Utah. He will demonstrate SLAMPP 2.0.1 to get the conversation started. It is surely a good news for me and I really appreciate Clint’s work there. Sadly, I can not attend that event in person due to my personal situation right now. I hope Clint’s BoF will be running well and people could take something useful from there. Wish you good luck, friend!

Please come to Utah Open Source Conference 2009 if you can. 🙂

Open Source Events

At least two open source events are going to be held in Jakarta and the nearby area in this month. If you are interested to attend one of those events please note the following information.

If you would like to add other alike events like mentioned above, please leave your comment on this entry. Don’t forget to include the complete information of the event. Thank you.

MWD Training

MWD Training at GE Energy in Sugar Land, Texas.

FOSS Information Day

Introduction to FOSS Day at FORMASI Indonesia, Jakarta. I will speak about Why NGO, SME and Coops should migrate to FOSS. Time: 14.00.

Update (February 15, 2007):
You can read the summary of the day over here. Thanks Agus!