Initial Start: MWD/LWD Manufacturers and Suppliers List

Updates on October 28, 2009:
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It is generally known in the oil and gas industry that the big oilfield service companies like Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Weatherford are manufacturing their drilling tools by themselves, including MWD/LWD tools. They also conduct their own research and development to find best methods in producing and running the tools. The competition among them is so frightening. So much so, that they won’t allow others to possess their tools by any means.

So now comes a question,

“If I want to start a new (independent) Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD service company, where can I purchase MWD/LWD tools and its spare parts if the big guys won’t allow me to do that ?”

This was the main reason which triggered me to list MWD/LWD manufactures and suppliers in this world. To help people like you who want to start a business in this industry.

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The Future of MWD/LWD

A while ago I have conducted a small question to my fellow members of GE MWD/LWD Professional group on The question asked is like this, “How do you see the future of MWD/LWD?” A simple straightforward question. I have raised this question because of my concern about the impact of global slowdown in the oil and gas industry and world financial crisis recently. And also due to the fact that some of us, Directional Drillers and MWD/LWD Engineers, in the world are sitting at home for over a year now. It surely has been a quite tough time for … Continue reading The Future of MWD/LWD

Open Source and Drilling Activities?

Yesterday I was triggered by a friend’s question whether it is possible to use or adopt open source application in drilling activities. In spite of the fact that most (perhaps all) of drilling softwares are Windows based and proprietary ones, but I see the potential possibilities. Do you agree with that? This question is surely kind of waking me up and making my eyes wide open to explore more. In conjunction with this, I would like to ask your favor. Is there someone out there who has working case studies or experience and minds to sharing those with me? Hopefully … Continue reading Open Source and Drilling Activities?

List of MWD/LWD/DD Service Companies

NYT rig on Sukowati


This entry is no longer maintained. From now on, you can find the latest and extensive list on the new Word Directional Drilling Companies Directory set up here. Thank you.

As mentioned before on this entry, I would like to gather as many as possible the information of MWD/LWD/DD service companies in the world. The purpose of this initiative was simple. I would like to set up a small and reliable database you and public can refer to. To ensure all input data correctly displayed, I certainly need your cooperation. If you find something wrong or inappropriate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will appreciate if you could point me right to the target of correction and provide me the right information. The list will be updated regularly and time of revision will be displayed correspondingly.

FYI, I am not going to list the major players in the industry, such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, etc and their subsidiaries. I am focusing more or less on the independent service companies, which are usually small and medium enterprises and operating in limited/specific area. These companies surely need support in publication on what they (can) do and their achievements. I am not going to ask them to pay me for this publication. I do this because I want to, would like to help and see them grow. I wish I could work together with them someday. In case they are interested with me, I am available for hire.

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Initial Plan: MWD/LWD Service Companies List

If time allows me, I would like to expand my MWD/LWD related stuff by publishing a list of existing MWD/LWD service companies out there. I hope this list could be your guide and lead your path to find the right business partner and the right employer in the future. I will mainly base my list on service companies who utilize the GE / Tensor / Sondex MWD/LWD System. Other systems are also welcome, anyway. So, if your company would like to be listed on my upcoming list, please send me the summary of your company profile, which tools you have … Continue reading Initial Plan: MWD/LWD Service Companies List

Standing Up In The DD/MWD/LWD Industry

* Based on my personal point of view as a field engineer/consultant. Yours might be different.

Due to rapid development and implementation of Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD technology in oil and gas exploration and production, sometimes it is quite difficult for us to keep up and being familiar with all updates. Meanwhile, qualified personnel with the best skills and experience are on high demand. People are continuously asking you for best performance by keeping the efficiencies high and everything must be completed in great speed. Less efforts, great results and huge profits are the business fundamentals here.

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Lumpur Lapindo: Akibat Alam atau Manusia?

Dari awal saya sudah menduga bahwa penyebab utama terjadinya semburan lumpur di Porong, Sidoarjo berasal dari proses pengeboran. Tapi karena saya bukanlah seorang yang ahli di bidang geologi, saya hanya bisa membaca sejumlah analisa dan berusaha menarik kesimpulan dari analisa tersebut. Tentunya banyak sekali versi kronologis ataupun cerita yang beredar di kalangan masyarakat. Mana yang benar? Wallahu’alam. Sampai saat ini masing-masing pihak berusaha mempertahankan posisinya. Apakah penyebabnya adalah gempa atau gunung lumpur seperti yang dilansir oleh pihak Lapindo? Ataukah karena proses pengeboran yang diyakini oleh sejumlah pakar pengeboran? Dua analisa utama ini kemudian dipertemukan dalam sebuah pertemuan American Association of … Continue reading Lumpur Lapindo: Akibat Alam atau Manusia?