Just wanted to share a good YouTube resource for all MWD people who use especially Drill-Tek MWD equipment and other Tensor/Positive Pulse MWD derivatives in general.

Please visit this link to go the channel, http://www.youtube.com/drilltekmwd. Hopefully it will be of benefit for you and your company.

Thanks Cory for sharing this to us. It’s very kind of you. You guys are awesome!

PS. If you know or have other valuable resources with regards to MWD/LWD or Directional Drilling you’d like to share with public, please let me know. I am happy to post it here. Thanks.

MWD/LWD List – Updated

I’ve just updated my MWD/LWD Manufacturers List with some new information. I hope you all will find it useful. The point I’d like to reiterate here is that I just wanted to help people who are going to jump into the MWD/LWD business. So they know where to go and get the right equipment for their projects. Of course the existing players would get the same benefit as well.

Moreover, if your company is not listed yet on that list or this DD/MWD/LWD Service Companies List and would like to submit your information, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to have your company in one of those lists. It’s free of charge. However, if you’d like to support me by donating something, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Interesting Links

In the last few months I’ve gathered some links that may trigger your interest. Most of them are IT and FOSS related and only one is from Oil and Gas sector. Yes, it is sometimes hard to share Oil and Gas resources because of the closed and competitive nature of the business and copyrights/trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights issues. And I don’t want to get in trouble by doing that for sure.:) I hope you will get some benefits from the following links.


Oil and Gas

DD/MWD/LWD Softwares

To expand the list I compiled with regards to DD/MWD/LWD service companies around the world, I would like to add another new section or even page for listing companies which are independently developing DD/MWD/LWD softwares. As you know, drilling business is closely related and goes hand in hand with IT development. I can hardly imagine how the business would run nowadays if it doesn’t get supported well by IT. Even, some new business models have been established based on this relationship and their contributions do matter and play important roles in successful exploration and production operations.

So, which type of companies will be considered to be added on the list?

Well, nothing specific.

  • They do develop their own DD/MWD/LWD softwares and their products have been deployed by several service companies in the world.
  • They must be independent companies, setup by motivated individuals and have no connection whatsoever with Big Players. Small and medium-sized companies are welcome.
  • Common users can purchase their products at anytime and get support.
  • Some softwares are solely developed for specific MWD/LWD systems and get packed with those systems. If they are allowed to disclose some information about this despite closed contracts/agreements they have, that would be much appreciated.
  • If possible, their products can be operated under multi operating systems, run on desktop and/or on the web via internet. Most softwares we have in the industry are usually Windows application and run solely on desktop. But, anyway all is fine. No restrictions are applied on this criteria. Any products as long as they are DD/MWD/LWD softwares will be good enough to get listed.
  • Do they provide any other data solutions in-house? If yes, please specify. (Optional)

Do you know companies I am looking for? Please feel free to contact me in private and I will process any input immediately. All related information will be disclosed publicly. Free of charge! (Donations are welcome though, but not necessary. :))

Thank you.

Tough Search

Yes, you read it well. It’s been a while that I have been looking for a DD/MWD/LWD service company which could provide full range of MWD/LWD equipment and services in this world. But, up to now without any significant results. I am not talking about big players such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Weatherford, Precision, Baker Hughes or even Pathfinders, because they are already in the league. What I am actually seeking is the service company which has invested a lot in the equipment and at the same time gained good reputation within the industry. A tough search for sure. The reason behind the search is that somehow the demand for this type of company is now increasing, especially in MENA region. Many users in that region have approached me asking for a recommendation. But unfortunately as I do not possess any current reliable data regarding this, I can not assist them that well. Sorry.

Thus, to bridge the information gap or asymmetric information we have (do we all agree here?) in the DD/MWD/LWD business, I’d like to raise questions and request.

Does such company exist? If yes, who and where are they? Are they willing to expand their business/operations to other regions in this world?

Please feel free to let me know in private or publicly by posting a comment below this posting.

BTW, as last note to this posting, I’d like to encourage all Directional Drilles and MWD/LWD Engineers/Operators/Technician all over the world to participate in this survey. I will disclose all information gathered from that survey when enough data has been collected. So far I only have few respondents and certainly need more input from you guys.:)

Thank you!


Dear fellow DDs and MWD/LWD hands, please participate in this short survey.

I and a friend are namely interested to get a better insight what makes DD/MWD/LWD hands ‘happy’ with their work, company and co-workers. That is an aspect which sometimes is forgotten and recognized but being partially ignored by us. But as time goes by, it will slowly but sure erode our goodwill, spirit and performance, right? The cause for unhappiness may vary from case to case, person to person, but through this survey we try to figure out the general feelings of DDs and MWD/LWD hands looking at his work and the company. It is widely known that due to recent economic/financial crisis, finding and getting a new job in the industry seems not that easy lately. So better than becoming unemployed we prefer to stick with our job despite our unhappy feelings. What a dilemma, thus!

At first place, I were going to spread this survey to each service companies, but that seems pretty impossible due to many reasons and limitations. Thus the easy way and the only viable option for now is by posting it on this blog for better reach. I notice that some of you often come visiting this blog because of this list. Lucky me!:)

I am not an expert in this ‘creating a survey’ work and I realize that questions being asked might be too shallow, incomplete or not reflecting one’s actual situation. My apologies for that. However, you could help me improve the questions by proposing new and even better ones. Just send me an email or leaving your comments, any method will do just fine, and I will put those questions on subsequent surveys.

Alright guys, without further due, please go to the survey page.

The survey is kindly hosted by KwikSurveys.

Thank you!

MWD/LWD Research Project

I just wanted to help a fellow with his research project. If you could assist him, that would be much appreciated. Please see his message below.

We are working on a MWD/LWD research project and looking for different MWD operating systems that are on the market and the options they have with Resistivity and other logging tools. What tools are available and what are their features? Are they compatible with others?

Any feedback is welcome, like links to companies which sell and/or service tools, standalone tools, etc.

Thank you.

Please contact Jeroen Niesink if you can be of any help. Or, you can just leave your feedback here through comment form. Thanks!

P.S. Jeroen, if you already have all information you need, can you share or make the research report available to your fellows?:)

GE MWD/LWD Company Directory

To extend my existing list of World Directional Drilling/MWD/LWD Companies, I am planning in my spare time, outside office and family hours, to start gathering information on companies that purchase and run GE MWD/LWD Systems specifically. The main intention behind this initiative is to provide actual information to whom interested in utilizing those systems in their projects. The upcoming directory could also serve our fellow MWD/LWD Engineers/Operators/Technician/Consultants to find a right company for their next endeavor. Or, any other use of the directory is also welcome. Feel free to use it as long as everything is on the right path.:) No ETA is available at the moment. I will release it when I think it’s representative enough for public view. Oh one more thing. You can also help me in composing the directory by sending me the information through email, in case you know that your company is running any of GE MWD/LWD Systems or other companies are having the systems in their fleet. I will really appreciate your cooperation. Hopefully with your assistance the directory would be available soon.

Furthermore, FYI, this initiative is pure from myself. I have no relationship whatsoever with GE or funded by them. I do this because I like it and I know you are going to like it as well. So, stay tuned.

Another information I’d like to share with you. At the moment I am interested with what APS Technology has to offer. Their products look very promising and I hear they also perform excellently. I am keen to hearing from you if you have any experience with their tools/systems. Thanks.:)