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In the last few months I’ve gathered some links that may trigger your interest. Most of them are IT and FOSS related and only one is from Oil and Gas sector. Yes, it is sometimes hard to share Oil and Gas resources because of the closed and competitive nature of the business and copyrights/trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights issues. And I don’t want to get in trouble by doing that for sure. 🙂 I hope you will get some benefits from the following links.


Oil and Gas

Interesting Links

I have collected some interesting links I found on the Net with various topics. I hope they could inspire you.

  • Hardening the Linux desktop – Please login first to get the article in PDF. This tutorial was written for the Linux beginners. It shows you how to make your Linux desktop secure and free from virus/malware attacks. Although it was meant for the desktop, this tutorial put basics for hardening the Linux server. A recommended reading material for Linux users. (via
  • Lazy Linux: 11 secrets for lazy cluster admins – Do you have Linux clusters running on your organization? Don’t waste your valuable time by learning those secrets to manage the clusters. (via
  • Reducing IT Costs with Linux – Setting aside the OS wars, Windows and Linux can be combined in any number of scenarios. (via
  • Apa sih DNS Awari? – Do you live in Indonesia and want to surf the internet worry free from things like pornography, etc? Try this free DNS service. Just fill this IP address in your DNS settings of your PC or network. However, it seems it still relies on the OpenDNS servers. OR, you can set up your own machine by following this simple and quick tutorial. Sorry guys, all articles are in Indonesian only.
  • WordPress Legacy – Did you ever notice that when you visited a website, you got “This is an Attack Site!” warning on your Firefox browser provided by Google? That message is warning you that Google has found something unusual and marks that website as a dangerous place to visit. How could this happen anyway? It seems that someone out there has successfully inserted or put malicious and often dangerous links or applications on someone’s else website for their own profits. However, the infected sites will behave normally until Firefox displays the warning. Moreover, believe it or not, some recent studies said that most of those websites use the outdated WordPress which surely contains many security problems. So, it is wisely, strongly recommended to upgrade your WP website right away to the latest release to avoid this ridiculous thing. I think everyone would agree with this solution. Now, what should you do if you don’t have enough time or energy to keep up with all the WP releases? You know the fact, staying with the old one would harm you badly, but continuously upgrading to the new one would be costly regarding time etc. But don’t you worry, stop those worries by using this WordPress Legacy 2.0 Branch. It will provide security and critical fixes until 2010 (first release in 2005). Be happy and productive! (via Harry Sufehmi)
    • Important note: You should apply the same action for any CMS you use on your website. This thing can happen to everyone. Personally I would suggest you a simple rule. Always use the stable version, in favor of legacy one if any, just like what WordPress has done. Never put the testing/unstable version onto production site, unless you know what you are doing.
  • Have You Ever Been Embarrassed To Be Frugal? – I don’t. Do you? 😉
  • Tips for working from home – In case you are working at home. Nice tips! (via Frugal Dad)
  • 34 reminders to help you find your way
  • Money is 100 percent emotional – I am afraid what this guy wrote is 100% true. It hits directly to what we feel about money. (via Frugal Dad)

Interesting WP Plugins: WP GuestMap and WP Flickr Photo Album

Right now I’m playing around with two new WordPress plugins I found yesterday.

First plugin is WP GuestMap plugin. It can produce some maps for your WP blog using Google Maps as its back end engine. Some to mention are guest locator map, online tracker map, stats map and weather map. Do you want to see the real examples of those maps? Just browse this weblog around. 🙂 Or, follow these clues.

  • Online Tracker Map -> on the right sidebar of the main page of this weblog.
  • Guest Locater and Weather maps -> on the right sidebar of the About pages of this weblog.
  • Stats Map -> on this Guest Map page.

Second plugin is WP Flickr Photo Album plugin. If you have an account at, you can show your photos and integrate them seamlessly on your WP blog. It also supports for the Lightbox effect which I think a cool stuff. When you need to embed or add a photo from your Flickr account to your post or page, you just select it through the Photos tab available on the write/edit section. So, without further due, you can see my Flickr photos here.

Interesting Links (2)

After attending the Asia Source II camp for more than a week, I am back to the real life again, sitting in front of my computer and doing my daily activities. I must say, being there in that camp was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I hope I could meet you again somewhere in the future.

Here are some interesting links I found today while I surfed the Internet. Some of them were triggered by the issue IlmuKomputer.Com is facing at the moment. Me and Mas Romi were in discussion how we are accomodating the high traffic the website generates and to overcome that we constantly move from one server to another because of this. We don’t implement the suggestions provided on the following links yet, but I hope they would be useful for you somehow.

So guys, if you could help us how to solve our traffic problem, you are very welcome. Have your say, we’re listening. 🙂

Yet Another Random Quranic Verse plugin for WordPress

Yesterday night I had some free time to tweak a little bit the Quran Search Engine (QSE) found here and adapted its random quranic verse feature as a WordPress plugin. I call it Yet Another Random Quranic Verse. Just like the other plugin provided by Usayd, the Random Qur’an, the new plugin will retrieve its data from third party and display one verse randomly. What makes it different is the possibility to display random quranic verse in seven languages, namely English (Yusuf Ali), Indonesian, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish, besides in Arabic and Latin. So, the accumulation wil be three types of output at the same time (Arabic, Latin and language of choice). Furthermore, no images whatsoever have been used to produce Arabic verses of Quran.
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Hijri Date Plugin

Hijri Date plugin for WordPress – Lately Usayd has released another Islamic plugin for WordPress. This plugin will give you the choice of showing the Hijri and Georgian date together, or both of them on their own. Please give it a try and let him know what your experience is. Thanks Usayd for contributing this plugin.


Recently Matt has been working on a tool that will help WordPress bloggers from comment and trackback spams. The tool is called Akismet and it is a web service. So you don’t need to do anything except uploading Akismet into your wp-content/plugins directory and let Akismet does the real work for your weblog. Unfortunately you must have the API to activate the service. But don’t worry, as you already know you can get a account if you use Flock. Thus, get in one over here.

Please visit this website to get more information about Akismet,

Random Quranic Verse plugin for WordPress

Tonight I just got a good news from Usayd Younis. He lets me know that random Quranic verse plugin for WordPress is already available for public use. This plugin utilizes the Islamic service provided by and displays the Quranic verse on your website. You can get more information about this and download the plugin on this page.

Once again, thanks Usayd for your effort. May Allah reward your good deeds.

So folks, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy and let Quranic verse ornament your day. 🙂

Upgrade to WP 1.5 Strayhorn (2)

It’s been a while after I upgraded this weblog to WP 1.5. So far nothing to complain, though. I’m quite happy with the features this software offers me. 🙂 As I said before in the previous post, this time I would like to give you some information about how I did the upgrade. I know everyone can get this kind of information everywhere on the internet. Just use Google and enter some keywords, voila! You’ve got the results. But, that’s not the point why I’m writing here. I do this because I’d like to keep a documentation for myself about things that happened on this site and perhaps it will be also useful for you as well. You may decide whether you want to continue reading this post or just stop right here and go somewhere else. Up to you. 🙂

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