Latest Development

Just to catch up and document the latest development surrounding the Content Management System softwares I use (or ever used) at, here is the list of links that may be somehow useful for you as well. PostNuke 0.750 Gold Release Mambo 4.5.1 RC4 available XOOPS released! Land Down Under v701 is out ! Movable Type 3.11 Released As you can see, I haven’t updated my sites yet to the latest version of those softwares. Because of many things. One to mention for sure is the fact that I don’t have enough time to do such thing at the … Continue reading Latest Development

Quick CMS Updates

To catch up some new progresses around the development of PostNuke and Mambo Open Source, below are the links to the related issue with the latest links are the newest ones. PostNuke – PostNuke .8 – A Preview – PostNuke .750 – The Gold Release – Updated Version of Xanthia Theme Engine (XTE) and pnRender Available in Downloads Section – PostNuke Security Advisory PNSA 2004-2 – PostNuke Security Advisory PNSA 2004-3 – PostNuke 0.750 Gold RC2 Release Mambo Open Source – Mambo Open Source 4.5 (1.0.7) released – MOS 5.0 Development Update – Mambo Open Source 4.6 will be released … Continue reading Quick CMS Updates

Weather 1.31 for PostNuke released today!

Today, J.M. Vedrine has released the latest version of the famous weather module (version 1.31). It has been tested under PostNuke 0.726 + XTERC3 and the new PostNuke “Golden Release” 0.750 RC2. Before installing it on your website, please read the “IMPORTANT README.txt” file first because over there you will find some important issues regarding the release. Fortunately, Jean-Michel has been kindly enough to provide me the file as well, so you can also download the latest version of this module here, on my website. For any changes happened surround the development of the module, please refer to the changelog.txt.file … Continue reading Weather 1.31 for PostNuke released today!

Moved to and an update for Quran module/component

To make the development of the MOS Qur’an component and module much better in the future, I already moved all activities regarding this component to Which means, from now on, all releases of the component will be available over there. Please visit the project page here. Some weeks ago someone had pointed me some typos found in the surah (chapter) names for the English translation of the Quran module/component. He also had provided me the fix. What a nice guy he is. 🙂 Thanks Ali Khan for your kindly cooperation. I really appreciate what you did. You can get … Continue reading Moved to and an update for Quran module/component

Download link of Sunnah and Hadith compilation for PN moved

I already moved the download link of the Sunnah and Hadith compilation for PostNuke to last Saturday. Meaning, from now on you will be able to download the compilation from any server of The main ideas behind this action were primarily to make the compilation worldwide available through a big network such as and last but not least, to lighten the bandwith burden my server has at the moment. Continue reading Download link of Sunnah and Hadith compilation for PN moved

PostNuke, Licences and Commercialism…

I quoted the title above from one article I read today on It’s quite interesting anyway to have such statement from someone behind the PostNuke Management team to response on some issues raised recently around PostNuke. I hope, it will clear up a lot of things which in my opinion are needed to assure the future of PostNuke. For people who don’t follow quite well the development of PostNuke nowadays, here are some links on that will lead you to the article written by Vanessa Haakenson. AutoTheme Tutorials! Commercial Scripts: cmsMerchant Released! GPL & Commercial Modules: A Clarification … Continue reading PostNuke, Licences and Commercialism…

PostNuke Indonesia on orkut

I’m still playing with orkut at the moment and now begin to realize how useful this social networking service would be. I now have 9 virtual friends, 8 of them are Indonesian. 🙂 [LOL] Would you mind to be my friend as well? Please let me know. As the learning curve goes further, I already set up a new community on orkut which is called, PostNuke Indonesia. This community can be joined by all Indonesian orkut users which have more or less experience with PostNuke. BTW, It will not replace the existing site of PostNuke Indonesia. Just another media to … Continue reading PostNuke Indonesia on orkut

Indonesian PostNuke Documentation Center

Recently, a new project has been already initiated by some Indonesian PostNukers, including me. We call it, “Pusat Dokumentasi PostNuke Indonesia” project or in plain English, Indonesian PostNuke Documentation Center. This project is meant to provide all documentation about PostNuke in Indonesian. Some first steps had been taken to realize this project, such as: 1. Leak has provided a web hosting account used for the project, 2. I set up the website, installed the phpWiki and also designed the look of the site. Are you interested to be a contributor by writing some documentation or translating some language files … Continue reading Indonesian PostNuke Documentation Center