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After attending the Asia Source II camp for more than a week, I am back to the real life again, sitting in front of my computer and doing my daily activities. I must say, being there in that camp was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I hope I could meet you again somewhere in the future.

Here are some interesting links I found today while I surfed the Internet. Some of them were triggered by the issue IlmuKomputer.Com is facing at the moment. Me and Mas Romi were in discussion how we are accomodating the high traffic the website generates and to overcome that we constantly move from one server to another because of this. We don’t implement the suggestions provided on the following links yet, but I hope they would be useful for you somehow.

So guys, if you could help us how to solve our traffic problem, you are very welcome. Have your say, we’re listening. 🙂

Article on SDA Asia Indonesia (2)

My second article on SDA Asia Indonesia magazine, titled “Content Management System dalam Dunia Usaha, Seri II: Paradoks Content Management System dan Solusinya dalam Dunia Usaha” (Indonesian) has been published in this month edition. Please buy that magazine if you would like to read more.

My Article

Joomla’s Web Installation in Indonesian

Some of us might notice that with the release of Joomla 1.5! Beta, the web installation of Joomla! is now available in more than 30 languages, including our national language, Bahasa Indonesia. 🙂 My sincere thanks to all members of the Indonesian translation team for all their effort to make this happens.

Please have a try and let me know if you found something unusual with the translation.

Qur’an Component for Joomla! 1.0.x

Not long time ago, Sartaj Chowdhury of Muslim Online has contacted me regarding the release of the Qur’an component for Joomla! 1.0.x. Due to my personal situation at that time, I couldn’t release the news right away. Personally I am very glad that finally someone did this. Thank you, Sartaj.

Anyone who is interested to get a copy of the component, can download it over here at Muslim Online.
Live demo:

Enjoy! 🙂

Article on SDA Asia Indonesia

My first article on SDA Asia Indonesia magazine, titled “Content Management System dalam Dunia Usaha, Seri I: Content Management System: Definisi, Manfaat dan Kiat Memilih” (Indonesian) has been published in this month edition. Please buy that magazine if you would like to read more. (Price: Rp 28.000,-) Some interesting articles (all written in Indonesian) are also available for you to read, such as:

  • Teknik Menerima Pembayaran di Internet by Romi Satria Wahono
  • Berteduh di bawah Payung SOA by Budi Putra
  • Budi Rahardjo: Isu Keamanan Dunia IT Semakin Kompleks by Widia Yurnalis

SDA Asia Indonesia September 2006

My article od SDA Asia Indonesia

Yet Another Random Quranic Verse plugin for WordPress

Yesterday night I had some free time to tweak a little bit the Quran Search Engine (QSE) found here and adapted its random quranic verse feature as a WordPress plugin. I call it Yet Another Random Quranic Verse. Just like the other plugin provided by Usayd, the Random Qur’an, the new plugin will retrieve its data from third party and display one verse randomly. What makes it different is the possibility to display random quranic verse in seven languages, namely English (Yusuf Ali), Indonesian, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish, besides in Arabic and Latin. So, the accumulation wil be three types of output at the same time (Arabic, Latin and language of choice). Furthermore, no images whatsoever have been used to produce Arabic verses of Quran.
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Quick News on Good Friday

Two good news I would like to share with you are the following:

  • My article “Membangun Situs Komunitas dengan Joomla!” or in English, “Building Community Website with Joomla!” will be released next week on Mei 2006 edition of PC Magazine Indonesia. I just got definitive answer from them not long time ago. You can read the abstract here (Indonesian). Please buy a copy of that magazine if you are interested with the topic. 🙂
  • I recently notice that SLAMPP has been mentioned on LinuxUser Germany magazine and an article about it has been published on January 2006 edition. Read the full article online here (German). I already ordered the hard copy that magazine today and am looking forward to it. 🙂

Have a nice weekend and enjoy your Easter holidays!

Hijri Date Plugin

Hijri Date plugin for WordPress – Lately Usayd has released another Islamic plugin for WordPress. This plugin will give you the choice of showing the Hijri and Georgian date together, or both of them on their own. Please give it a try and let him know what your experience is. Thanks Usayd for contributing this plugin.