Mari Bergabung

Mari ikuti beberapa akun media sosial  di bawah ini yang baru saja dibuka untuk mendapatkan informasi terbaru tentang Baidu, produk dan layanan Baidu, dan semua kegiatannya di Indonesia.

Twitter: @BaiduIndonesia

Selain itu, tim Baidu juga akan aktif berkunjung ke kota-kota di Indonesia untuk bertatap muka dengan para penggunanya. Tunggu kedatangannya ya!

Baidu User Ambassador Program

Baidu User Ambassador 2015

Ayo ajak teman-temanmu pengguna produk Baidu di Indonesia untuk berpartisipasi dalam program ini. Kunjungi situs berikut untuk informasi lebih lanjut,

Baidu User Ambassador adalah program yang diselenggarakan oleh Baidu Indonesia untuk memilih pengguna terbaik yang akan menjadi penghubung antara Baidu dengan masyarakat luas. Para pengguna yang terpilih akan menjalankan tugas sebagai User Ambassador dari Baidu selama 1 tahun.

A Wonderful Year

2014 is coming to an end. 2015 will be here soon.

It’s been a wonderful year at Baidu in Indonesia. So many interesting and awesome things happened in this year and we’re still here. Looking forward to many more years to come as we continue to grow and improve together with you.

Thank you for being with us. Let’s make 2015 an even more wonderful year.

Let’s participate in Baidu’s User Activities in Indonesia

Recently Baidu Indonesia has been launching two user activities on Facebook to introduce our products.

I’d friendly encourage you to join and participate in those activities. It’s fun and easy. If you’re lucky, you will win some prizes too. Please get more information about the activities below.

If you like and find our products useful, please share it to your friends and relatives. Don’t forget to “Like” Facebook page of each product mentioned above to follow and get latest updates from us.

More exciting news will be coming soon. Thus, please stay tuned.

Baidu PC Faster and Baidu Antivirus

As some of you already know, since last month I join Baidu and am managing products launched in Indonesia.

The following two products are our key products, and we’d like to invite you to download, test and experience them:

  • Baidu PC Faster: Permanently free lightweight PC security and optimization software. It gathers “Health Check”, “Win Update”, “Cleaner”, ”Speedup”, ”Cloud security”, ”Toolbox” and ”PC APP Store” with simple interface and it’s easy to operate. An ideal system optimization solution.
  • Baidu Antivirus: Permanently free professional antivirus and ultrafast cloud security software with main features:
    • Multiple Antivirus Engine
    • Real-time System Defense
    • Proactive Defense
    • Cloud Security
    • Local Support
    • Seamless, Automatic update

If you have any feedback, questions, or need more information regarding those products, please feel free to contact us. Your input matters!

Thank you.