Top 10 Dream Companies in Indonesia

What companies are most coveted by workers in Indonesia, and what are the reasons? The answers to those questions are summarized by Jobplanet (, an online community platform to share information about the world of work and reviews of companies, such as the working conditions, salary information, and questions in a job interview.

According to data collected by Jobplanet from August to mid-November 2015, PT Pertamina (Persero) is the company most sought after by job seekers in Indonesia. The fact was obtained based on the analysis of Jobplanet users’ data and their interest in the companies listed on the website.

There are several factors that become concerns to users in choosing their favorite company. Among them are salary and benefits, career path, work-life balance factor, as well as company’s culture and management.

Based on the data collected, here below is listed the top ten companies that users subscribed to the most:

1. PT Pertamina (Persero)
A total of 2,586 Jobplanet’s users chose Pertamina as their dream company because it provides good facilities and benefits for employees, including high salary and good medical insurance. Pertamina also scored well in managing the workforce and giving career opportunities to employees.

2. PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)
A total of 2,277 Jobplanet’s users choose to follow the updates of BRI. The company is preferred because it has an extensive network throughout Indonesia and provides knowledge for its employees. In addition, BRI also provides good salary, a clear career path, as well as great benefits to employees.

3. PT Bank Mandiri Tbk
Based on employees’ assessment, Bank Mandiri is the best place to learn and start a career in the banking industry. Working atmosphere at the bank is considered familial and fun. In addition to providing good salary and benefits, it also provides opportunities for employees to grow by holding many training programs, as well as providing promotion for exceling employees. A total of 1,872 Jobplanet’s users are interested in Bank Mandiri.

4. PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA)
BCA is considered to provide great benefits to its employees and be a company that makes employees proud to work for. The largest private bank in Indonesia is also considered as a good place to learn and grow, because it provides periodic training for all of its employees. The company also gives promotional opportunities regardless of seniority. Another thing not any less important, the company is considered to suppport work-life balance for its employees. A total of 1,769 users choose BCA as their dream company.

5. PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom)
Telkom is considered as a company that gives importance to the welfare of its employees, has a comfortable working atmosphere yet competitive, and provides adequate infrastructures for the employees. Telkom is also considered as a great place to learn and explore technology. A total of 1,518 users of Jobplanet like this company.

6. PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia
The multinational company engaged in the energy field is preferable because it provides opportunities for employees to develop their career potential through various training. In addition to providing attractive salary and benefits, Chevron is also considered to have a comfortable working environment with a culture of mutual support among employees. A total of 1,234 users are interested in this company.

7. PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk
The company is considered to provide very good health insurance for employees and their families, as well as good salary in accordance with their position and performance. The company also provides opportunities for employees to develop their career and potential. A total of 911 users are interested and want to know more about Indofood.

8. PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk
Unilever is considered to have a professional working environment, competitive, and fair performance evaluation. According to its high standards, the company also provides good salary and excellent benefits and rewards in accordance with the employee’s performance. Unilever also provides better career opportunities for employees who excel. The company was subscribed by 897 users of Jobplanet.

9. PT Astra Honda Motor
Astra Honda Motor is considered to provide very good benefits for its employees, including transportation allowance, annual bonus, THR, as well as health insurance. The company’s working environment is also considered to be fun. Employee performance is assessed each semester to motivate them to improve and gain promotion. A total of 863 users of Jobplanet are interested in this company.

10. PT Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
BNI is assessed as a very good banking company to start a career in the service industry. BNI provides good salaries, as well as allowances and bonus for employees. One of the things that become added value of this company is a conducive working atmosphere as well as work-life balance. A total of 785 Jobplanet’s users are interested in BNI.

“This information is collected by Jobplanet based on the data of users’ interests from various career levels, ranging from beginner staff up to managerial level. They have different reasons in choosing their dream companies. From our findings, it is known that salary or benefits are not the only points to be considered by employees in assessing the companies. Other important factors are conducive working atmosphere and the opportunity provided by the company for employees to grow,” said Kemas Antonius, Chief Product Officer of Jobplanet Indonesia.

Jobplanet began its operation in Indonesia since August 2015. As of mid-November 2015, the community has gathered 140,000 members and has collected 70,000 database of reviews, which consists of company reviews, salary information, and interview questions. Meanwhile, the number of companies registered in Jobplanet’s database has reached 15,000.