Job opening: Server Admin

Update on Mar 8, 2011: This position is already filled.

At the moment the company I am now working for is immediately looking for a server admin.

Below are the requirements:

  1. Must have experience with both Linux (Ubuntu or Debian) and Windows Server 2003, Postgresql and Apache. Experience with Windows Server 2008 is a plus.
  2. Must be able to administer both Linux-based and Windows-based server remotely (using RSAT and other tools).
  3. Must be able to write scripts to run using either WSH or Python, if you are able to write all your scripts in Python that will be a big plus.
  4. Must maintain a reasonably secure setup (e.g., firewalling, closing down unused services, etc.).
  5. Must maintain documentation for all server administration tasks (e.g., document software installation and setup) so that we are able to rebuild a server from scratch if necessary.
  6. Must be available to attend to server emergencies within a reasonable timeframe (1 hour or less is good).

Full time remote position (telecommuting).

If you are interested or know someone who will fit with this position, please send your cover letter, resume, and any accompanying material to:

Thank you.



  1. Tidak diharuskan punya gelar terlebih dahulu. Yang penting dapat bekerja dengan baik dan mudah dihubungi kapan diperlukan. Jadi, silakan saja kirim lamarannya ya. 🙂

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