DD/MWD/LWD Softwares

To expand the list I compiled with regards to DD/MWD/LWD service companies around the world, I would like to add another new section or even page for listing companies which are independently developing DD/MWD/LWD softwares. As you know, drilling business is closely related and goes hand in hand with IT development. I can hardly imagine how the business would run nowadays if it doesn’t get supported well by IT. Even, some new business models have been established based on this relationship and their contributions do matter and play important roles in successful exploration and production operations.

So, which type of companies will be considered to be added on the list?

Well, nothing specific.

  • They do develop their own DD/MWD/LWD softwares and their products have been deployed by several service companies in the world.
  • They must be independent companies, setup by motivated individuals and have no connection whatsoever with Big Players. Small and medium-sized companies are welcome.
  • Common users can purchase their products at anytime and get support.
  • Some softwares are solely developed for specific MWD/LWD systems and get packed with those systems. If they are allowed to disclose some information about this despite closed contracts/agreements they have, that would be much appreciated.
  • If possible, their products can be operated under multi operating systems, run on desktop and/or on the web via internet. Most softwares we have in the industry are usually Windows application and run solely on desktop. But, anyway all is fine. No restrictions are applied on this criteria. Any products as long as they are DD/MWD/LWD softwares will be good enough to get listed.
  • Do they provide any other data solutions in-house? If yes, please specify. (Optional)

Do you know companies I am looking for? Please feel free to contact me in private and I will process any input immediately. All related information will be disclosed publicly. Free of charge! (Donations are welcome though, but not necessary. :))

Thank you.