Dear fellow DDs and MWD/LWD hands, please participate in this short survey.

I and a friend are namely interested to get a better insight what makes DD/MWD/LWD hands ‘happy’ with their work, company and co-workers. That is an aspect which sometimes is forgotten and recognized but being partially ignored by us. But as time goes by, it will slowly but sure erode our goodwill, spirit and performance, right? The cause for unhappiness may vary from case to case, person to person, but through this survey we try to figure out the general feelings of DDs and MWD/LWD hands looking at his work and the company. It is widely known that due to recent economic/financial crisis, finding and getting a new job in the industry seems not that easy lately. So better than becoming unemployed we prefer to stick with our job despite our unhappy feelings. What a dilemma, thus!

At first place, I were going to spread this survey to each service companies, but that seems pretty impossible due to many reasons and limitations. Thus the easy way and the only viable option for now is by posting it on this blog for better reach. I notice that some of you often come visiting this blog because of this list. Lucky me! ūüôā

I am not an expert in this ‘creating a survey’ work and I realize that questions being asked might be too shallow, incomplete or not reflecting one’s actual situation. My apologies for that. However, you could help me improve the questions by proposing new and even better ones. Just send me an email or leaving your comments, any method will do just fine, and I will put those questions on subsequent surveys.

Alright guys, without further due, please go to the survey page.

The survey is kindly hosted by KwikSurveys.

Thank you!



  1. FYI, all data gathered through this survey is treated strictly confidential and I will publish the results when the data is representative enough. So, there is no time limit imposed at the moment. Feel free to invite your friends to participate in this survey. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

    Moreover, this survey is conducted in/with no affiliation whatsoever with any existing companies in the world. It’s pure a personal initiative. This survey is by any means not a web forgery or a phising activity. It’s real and is aiming to provide benefits to everyone. I thank you for your understanding in this matter.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please let me know. I am open for any input.

    Have a nice day!

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