Online Linux Live CD/DVD/USB Building Systems and Online Storage

As usual and also typical me, I am kind of a late adopter of new technology. Any kind of it, you just name it. Sometimes I feel myself old-fashioned and people see me as an old person. I don’t mind with that as long as I am happy in using the technology I am familiar with. I have my own assumption though, the newer is not always the better. šŸ™‚

But, recently new development in Linux world has teased me to try something new. In this case I would like to let you know the existence of SUSE Studio. By using it, building a Linux Live CD/DVD/USB is now not that difficult anymore. In fact everyone can easily do that. The learning curve is so flat. Just click everything you need, the online system will prepare your custom Linux distribution based on openSUSE. Besides this system, there are similar systems already available in simple format. For example, NimbleX with its Custom NimbleX Live CD Generator and SLAX with its Build SLAX system. So, the choice is absolutely yours. I just received my SUSE Studio activation code, and now I am going to see what I can do with this. šŸ™‚

Oh, almost forgotten. Have you tried Ubuntu One as well? What do you think of it? For me, it is just an online storage. A place where you can save, retrieve, share, sync your files on the internet using an Ubuntu designed application. In default you will get 2 GB of free space. If you need more, thenĀ  you have to pay. Recently, SLAX launches a very much alike service. Tomas called it, Slax Drive. What makes different is that Tomas has opened his service to be used and connected from other Linux distributions, so not only from SLAX. That is what I like, the freedom to choose and the generousity. It looks like people are now in favour of cloud computing.

However, if you just need an online storage service, you don’t have to be bound with one specific operating system. There are plenty of such services nowadays. You can think of Dropbox,, etc. It feels good when you have the right solution within reach. Right guys?