What’s New on SLAMPP 2.0?

Desktop screenshot of SLAMPP 2.0

I am almost there! The new SLAMPP will come soon with the following highlights:

  • Using kernel linux, patched with everything needed to work with the latest Linux Live script
  • Based on Zenwalk 6.0 and inherits almost of all its characteristics and tools
  • Getting packages from Zenwalk, native Slackware 12.2, SlackBuilds and Slacky.eu repositories
  • Packages which are not found on the above resources are compiled directly from the source
  • Equipped with full set of development libraries and interpreters to ease your package compilation process
  • Following applications are compiled on to SLAMPP: (details would be provided later on)
    • Servers: Apache 2, BIND, dnsmasq, dhcp, Samba, NFS, Pure-FTPD, Squid, MySQL, OpenLDAP, OpenSSH, SQLite, Git, Subversion, Qmailrocks packages, and many more
    • Network and IDS utilities: ntop, cacti, nagios, nessus, snort, rkhunter, chkrootkit, honeyd + honeycombo, oinkmaster, nmap, Wireshark, HTTrack, TightVNC, rdesktop, GAdmin Tools collection, and many more
    • System Administration: Webmin and Usermin
    • Programming languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Lua
    • Editor: Bluefish, Geany, mousepad, Hex editor
    • Office: Open Office, epdfview
    • Graphics: The GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, Dia
    • Multimedia: Brasero, goobox, Exaile, Totem
    • Miscellaneous utilities: Firestarter, GParted, htop, Grsync, ndiswrapper, Wicd, Live CD Hard Disk installer, Disk Manager, Lilo installer, GNOME network tools and servers/services control panel
    • Package management: Netpkg, slapt-get/gslapt, pkgtools, slackpkg
    • Desktop Environment: XFCE 4.6

That would be all. FYI, this new release will be completely incompatible with the previous releases. Therefore, no upgrade feature will be provided. Having said that, I strongly recommend you to do a fresh install with this upcoming release if you intend to have it run permanently on your PC.

When are you going to release it ? Hopefully I will be able to announce it publicly by the end of this month or within the first week of July. Stay tuned.

Thank you.


I forgot to mention something. Starting from this release, besides the version information, I will give a release a name. The name of SLAMPP 2.0 is Kalinda. I name it after my daughter’s name. ūüôā