Mirror Server Needed for SLAMPP

Dear friends, if everything goes smooth as expected, I am planning to release the new version of SLAMPP at the end of this month. The new SLAMPP will be based on the latest stable release of  Zenwalk and Slackware Linux 12.2. Just like the previous releases, SLAMPP is compiled to be an instant home server solution to everyone who would like to set up their own server without any fuss. However, the size of the iso file would be a little bit bigger than before, estimated around 650 to 700 MB. Hopefully you will not complain about it. Right now I am in the phase of beta testing the protoype.

Regarding this release plan, I would like to ask your favor, guys. I urgently need (a or) some mirror servers to distribute SLAMPP. Location does not matter me, as long as you have enough space and bandwith to serve the traffic. So, if there is someone out there could help me out with this, please let me know. I will appreciate your support.

I will be back to you soon with more details about the release. Thank you so much.


I am also open and welcome for new SLAMPP logo and desktop background submission from public. I will include your creation in the release.



  1. Terima kasih banyak atas partisipasinya, Mas/Mbak Buaya. 🙂

    Bila SLAMPP sudah siap untuk dirilis, saya akan kabari kembali.

  2. Nice posting about SLAMPP..
    very interesting for me

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