List of MWD/LWD/DD Service Companies

NYT rig on Sukowati


This entry is no longer maintained. From now on, you can find the latest and extensive list on the new Word Directional Drilling Companies Directory set up here. Thank you.

As mentioned before on this entry, I would like to gather as many as possible the information of MWD/LWD/DD service companies in the world. The purpose of this initiative was simple. I would like to set up a small and reliable database you and public can refer to. To ensure all input data correctly displayed, I certainly need your cooperation. If you find something wrong or inappropriate, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will appreciate if you could point me right to the target of correction and provide me the right information. The list will be updated regularly and time of revision will be displayed correspondingly.

FYI, I am not going to list the major players in the industry, such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford, etc and their subsidiaries. I am focusing more or less on the independent service companies, which are usually small and medium enterprises and operating in limited/specific area. These companies surely need support in publication on what they (can) do and their achievements. I am not going to ask them to pay me for this publication. I do this because I want to, would like to help and see them grow. I wish I could work together with them someday. In case they are interested with me, I am available for hire.

I would like to start this endeavor by simply listing the service companies I found recently on the internet and have worked together before. At this moment, I only provide the link to their website. The following companies may have overseas subsidiaries or partners and/or operating in other countries. You will find more details about it on their website. Hopefully more information will be added in the near future if time allows me to do so.


Ark Directional Services –
Atlantic Directional Inc. –
Axis Energy Services –
Cathedral Energy Services –
Compass Directional Services –
D&R Directional –
Kambi MWD Services –
Meridian Directional Services –
Motorworks Drilling Solutions –
Newsco Directional and Horizontal Drilling Services –
Pacesetter Directional Services –
Phoenix Technology –
Pro-Line Directional –

United States of America
Black Viper Energy Services Ltd. –
Crescent Directional Drilling –
Multishot Directional –
Strata Directional –
Quantum Drilling Motors –
Native Navigation –
Pathfinder Energy Services –
Total Directional Services –
Drill Right Technology, Inc. –
Maverick Directional Services –
Professional Directional –

China/Hong Kong
WellTech – China Oilfield Services Limited –

Qui Handika –
Pakarti/Parama – E-mail:
Finder Services Indonesia – Email:

The Netherlands
Transmark-EDS –

Avionix Energy Ltd. –

Last updated: April 5, 2009

Last but not least, additions to this list are always welcome. You are encouraged to submit new entries and provide your comments. Any input of yours are highly appreciated. Thank you.