My 2009 Resolutions

As usual many people will make and set their own resolutions when a new year is coming. That is the same thing I do now. After looking back for a while and contemplating all I have achieved in the past (in Indonesian), here are my main resolutions for 2009 (1430 H). I will not list all of them, of course, just a few resolutions which I think are worth mentioned and drive me to live, worship, do things and work better.

  • Find and get a better (permanent) job or work. Location does not matter me. I love and am used to work in diverse culture and environment. I prefer a job that allows me commuting or offers relocation package if the work is taking place outside my home town/country. Please hire me. 🙂
  • Be a good and responsible father for my upcoming baby (due date: someday at the end of January 2009). I am still wondering whether it is going to be ‘he’ or ‘she’. The USG results three months ago displayed a ‘she’ sign, but my feeling however keeps saying that it would be a boy.
  • Own a decent house for my family. A wish that hopefully will be fulfilled this year.
  • Spend more quality time with family and relatives. Finding a right balance between private life and work.
  • Earn and save more to overcome the unexpected and fulfill future needs.
  • Have less debts and staying out of being a perpetual poor. I would like to live worry free and less stressful.
  • Live healthier and simply. Wake up earlier, lose some weight, eat healthy, exercise more often and simplify the way I live.
  • Continuously improve my personal and professional skills. Learn new skills, read more books, attend new classes/seminars/workshops, seek new and diverse experience, keep practicing skills I already have.
  • Write and contribute useful things through this blog more often. Share, share and share.
  • Last but not least, be closer to the Almighty and wish could help other people more and more, every day, in any way. Be grateful for all things I have. Without God and you, my friend, I am nobody.

How about you?

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