You Are Rich

Yes, that title could be someway misleading for some of you. In this context, you are just rich because:

  1. You didn’t go to sleep hungry last night.
  2. You didn’t go to sleep outside.
  3. You had a choice of what clothes to wear this morning.
  4. You hardly broke a sweat today.
  5. You didn’t spend a minute in fear.
  6. You have access to clean drinking water.
  7. You have access to medical care.
  8. You have access to the Internet.
  9. You can read.
  10. You have the right to vote.

Can you imagine how many people living in this world without those things?

This entry is derived from the original article written by Marc and Angel. I copy-pasted the list here to remind me how rich I am. I am sure you will feel the same too. For more interesting and useful articles, please visit their website at