Dear friends, at the moment I am in the state of barely doing anything as Chikungunya infects me in the last two weeks. Good news is I still can walk despite of joint pains, eat and drink properly and do light activities. The doctor has suggested me to take some rest for a while if I would like to recover soon. So guys, please accept my apology for any inconveniences this situation of mine may cause.

Thank you.

Update @ Feb 27, 2008:

I am feeling well now and ready to work again. Thank you for your attention so far.



  1. Hi, let me start by saying you have a great looking O.S. here. it has a nice finished look to it.
    The problem i am having is I really dont know what the hell I am doing. You see, I am trying to set up a pc that I can turn on remotly and download software programs at night . I want the system to be headless(no keybourd or monitor needed) and access it all from my main computer. I chose your O.S. because it was one of the few server programs that work on the ibm x-20 I am using for this. It uses very little power and takes up less space. If you can spare the time I sure could use some advice, seems like everybody i talk to likes to talk tech speak just to show you how smart they are. I show younger guys how to run and repair boilers and heating systems, 120 ac,220 ac, 24 and 12 volt dc controlling systems all the time and and i do it with out making them feal stupid. This just cant be that hard to do. Help me get started in the right direction, thanks mr. Antonius. James Swartz.

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