Coming Soon, SLAMPPLite 3.0

I just wanted to let you know that I am now in preparing to release the new version of SLAMPPLite. The upcoming SLAMPPLite will be released with version number 3.0, based on Slackware 12.0, using kernel, XAMPP1.6.4, improved hard disk/usb installer and the latest applications you can find under Slackware repository.

Furthermore I still focus on the use, the lightness, the easiness and the compactness of it. So, you will expect nothing fancy in this release. SLAMPPLite is just a generic Linux distribution that is ready for deployment.

I hope this new SLAMPPLite will be available by the end of this year. More information about this is coming soon. Thank you.

Update @ 15:06:

SLAMPP is listed on the Slack World as one of Slackware-based projects. Cool! ūüôā