T&T 4: Setup a Wireless Network without a Router in Windows

I was wondering how to set up a wireless network instantly using a notebook or desktop loaded by Windows XP; with two network interfaces; one network card connected to the internet; and the other one, the wireless card, for sharing the connection to the local network and also acts an access point. The point is to eliminate the use of a (wireless) router which is not that cheap to buy. IMHO, we are not going to need that router for a very small SOHO network. So, I have done a search through Google and found this link. Voila! I can now share my internet connection to the others. 🙂

Do you have other methods to do the same thing? Please do share. Thanks.



  1. Kasus mirip saya. Kalo saya untuk sementara ini
    pake 3proxy untuk HTTP/SOCKS proxy. Pake SOCKS server seperti Antinat doang juga dicoba, tapi kayaknya mendingan pake 3proxy

    Rencananya sih mau diganti pake FreeBSD/Linux,
    kalo begini paling pake Squid/Oops/Polipo,
    dan Dante (untuk SOCKS).

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