Interesting WP Plugins: WP GuestMap and WP Flickr Photo Album

Right now I’m playing around with two new WordPress plugins I found yesterday.

First plugin is WP GuestMap plugin. It can produce some maps for your WP blog using Google Maps as its back end engine. Some to mention are guest locator map, online tracker map, stats map and weather map. Do you want to see the real examples of those maps? Just browse this weblog around. 🙂 Or, follow these clues.

  • Online Tracker Map -> on the right sidebar of the main page of this weblog.
  • Guest Locater and Weather maps -> on the right sidebar of the About pages of this weblog.
  • Stats Map -> on this Guest Map page.

Second plugin is WP Flickr Photo Album plugin. If you have an account at, you can show your photos and integrate them seamlessly on your WP blog. It also supports for the Lightbox effect which I think a cool stuff. When you need to embed or add a photo from your Flickr account to your post or page, you just select it through the Photos tab available on the write/edit section. So, without further due, you can see my Flickr photos here.



  1. I am sorry Jefklak for this inconvenience. Those links are not available anymore since I moved my old weblog to WordPress.Com a few months ago. You can still see the demo of the plugins on the developer’s websites. Thank you for the notice.

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