Some Glimpses from Sugar Land

Are you still curious what I am doing over here at Sugar Land, Texas? Here are some glimpses you can see. I’m sorry I can not tell you more than this.

GE Sugar Land 1

GE Sugar Land 2

GE Sugar Land 3

And also, the glimpse of my Ubuntu-powered laptop which is accompanying me during the stay. ūüėÄ

My Ubuntu Laptop



  1. Just curious why it is so secretive. Isn’t it just another MWD/LWD training? Everybody from oil and gas industry know about it. Or any new tools which involved NDA?

  2. Thanks Mas Dedhi for your comment. You’re right, everybody knows what MWD/LWD training is. I did this because there is NDA involved and at the moment we’re trying new tools developed by GE which we would like to buy for our project. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

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