Punished by Google?

It seems this website has been punished by Google for something I don’t know. I have this suspicion when I tried to search my name on Google several times. Usually it will display the URL of this website directly, but now not even one. 😦

Could someone suggest me what I should do to recover this? I really will appreciate that.




  1. Saya baru saja mencoba mencari nama Bapak dan Alhamdulillah hasilnya sesuai dengan yang diharapkan (URL bapak ada di dalam hasil pencarian). 🙂

  2. Interesting… on Google.co.ID, your website do show up on the first page. But not on Google.COM

    Since you’re currently in USA, you’re using the later. But don’t worry, us here in Indonesia will still see your website in the first SERP 🙂

  3. With keyword ‘kemas antonius’
    @google.co.id no.6
    @google.com I can’t find it on 1st page but show up at 2nd page at the top.

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