Arrived in Sugar Land, TX

Thanks God, after flying for more than 23 hours and back in time to the same day I left Jakarta, I finally arrived in Sugar Land, Texas on Friday, March 16 2007. We are staying right now at a small hotel in the downtown of the city. Luckily, my hotel also supports free wireless internet, so when I have free time I will be occasionally online to check my e-mails, etc. 🙂

Alright guys, I think it’s now time for me to take some rest as the clock already showing me up this time 00.58 AM in Saturday. The time difference is -12 hours from our time in Jakarta. I still have two days left which I can use to explore Sugar Land before the training starts. Any interesting stuff would be reporting back to you as I would like to share what I have here. Of course, it will include some pictures as well to accompany the news.

Have a nice weekend!

One thought on “Arrived in Sugar Land, TX

  1. Wuih… America. As far as you can go if you’re from Indonesia!!
    Waiting for your updates from the wild west land. 🙂

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