Ubuntu Muslim Edition

Still in the spirit of Ubuntu, it seems that some of our Muslim linux developer fellows have joined their force to develop the Ubuntu Muslim Edition. Here is its description quoted from DistroWatch.com:

The project is an attempt to deliver a complete Linux-based operating system supplemented by Islam study software (in Arabic and English) and by an innovative system tray utility that alerts the user to prayer times and automatically plays the appropriate prayer (the prayers are in the free Ogg-Vorbis format).

It is of cource very nice to see a similar development as we have seen it on Ubuntu Christian Edition. Let’s hope the Ubuntu Muslim Edition will catch up everything and become a great resource for all people who would like to learn or read the Quran. Interestingly they use the Quran component I developed before for PostNuke, Mambo and XOOPS on their website, which is now already ported to Joomla! to suit the CMS engine used. That’s great! Keep up the good work. 🙂



  1. jarang orang-orng seperti bapak, yang peduli dengan sesama muslim .kami tunggu kabar selanjutnya.saya masih baru di dunia linux ,jadi belum bisa banyak membantu.jazakumulloh katsiron

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