See You in Asia Source II

Asia Source IIThis sunday I will go to Sukabumi to attend the Asia Source II, an international event organized by people behind UNDP-APDIP and other international organizations in the world. The participants will spend their 8 days time together discussing any topics around the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) among the NGOs and SMEs in the region. It also will provide participants with a range of practical and hands-on sessions. I, myself, will be scheduled by the organizers as one of the speakers who will fill the sessions in the Afternoon Sessions program of the event. In my session, I will cover Content Management System using specific examples with Mambo, Joomla! and WordPress and also like to introduce the Linux distribution I develop, SLAMPP, to the audience. Other topics will be also presented on that afternoon program by other participants based on their own knowledge, skill and experience. It’s going to be interesting anyway to get something new from the experts directly. Let’s hope everything will go fine and see you all guys in Sukabumi.

Update (Feb 3, 2007):
Would you like to see some pictures of Asia Source II? Check this out.

Note: Due to the nature of the area where the event is held, it seems I would limit my online appearance during the Asia Source II. Thank you for your attention.