Invitation to attend Asia Source II

Today, against my expectation, I received an e-mail from Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme which informs me that I have been selected to participate in the Asia Source II Camp in Sukabumi. Below you can read someUnited Nations Development Programme quotes from the e-mail.

Dear Kemas Yunus Antonius,

It is with great pleasure we would like to invite you to participate in the Asia Source II camp in Sukabumi, Indonesia, between 22nd and 30th of January 2006. You have been selected to participate in Track 1.

Thank you again for your application. We were very pleased to have a very large number of high quality applications: we received over 300 applications from NGO and SME professionals and staff working at the local level across South Asia and South East Asia.

Warm Regards,

N.M. Devaiah
Event Producer

This news has surprised me a little bit as in the beginning I became pessimistic that I would be selected to join the event based on my experience and skills compared with other (potential) applicants. So, however it would be my honor to be a part of this event.

FYI, I heard this event first from my friend Yadi and we both agreed to apply together for the event. I don’t know if he also could join, as until now he does not tell me yet about it. But I hope he does. Good luck, Yad!

So, is there anyone else who has been invited to attend the Asia Source 2, of course excluding me, from Indonesia? Perhaps we could share some thoughts.


  1. wah congrats bisa diundang. kabar-kabari jika ada hal yang bisa dilakukan bersama kami nantinya.

    selamat liburan dan tahun baru 😀

  2. Terima kasih Mas Yudhis. Mudah-mudahan saja tidak ada aral melintang sehingga saya bisa hadir di acara tersebut.

    Yang membuat saya penasaran saat ini adalah, berapa orang Indonesia yang diundang ke acara ini? Tentunya selain para organisatoris yang terlibat.

    Oh iya, bisa tidak saya memperoleh satu gelang Solidaritas Kebersamaan dari Mas Yudhis? 🙂

  3. Hi! I’m Diane, from the Philippines. I’ll go to the Asia Source 2 as well. I’ll participate in Track 3 though.

    If you want to keep in touch, don’t hestitate to send me an email, or comment on my blog. (Apologies for the shameless plug.) Hope to meet you there! 🙂

  4. Hello mas yunus

    saya Firdaus & alhamdulilah saya juga diundang untuk asia source 2 ini.
    Sempat sedikit sedih sih waktu tanggal 25,26,27 Desember blom sampe2 tuh undangan, Mungkin karena gempa di taiwan ya email mereka nggak sampe2. Tapi karena memang kandidatnya hebat2 sih kaya mas yunus jadi mereka susah memutuskannya.

    Untung aja di sukabumi, saya blom izin sama kantor lagee, insyaallah kalau dizinkan saya akan ikut event ini.

    Ketemu disana ya


  5. Hari ini milis pesertanya sudah dicreate tuh kayaknya. Mas anton ikut track berapa yah kalau boleh tau? Siapa tau bisa barengan di track 1 😉

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