Article on SDA Asia Indonesia

My first article on SDA Asia Indonesia magazine, titled “Content Management System dalam Dunia Usaha, Seri I: Content Management System: Definisi, Manfaat dan Kiat Memilih” (Indonesian) has been published in this month edition. Please buy that magazine if you would like to read more. (Price: Rp 28.000,-) Some interesting articles (all written in Indonesian) are also available for you to read, such as:

  • Teknik Menerima Pembayaran di Internet by Romi Satria Wahono
  • Berteduh di bawah Payung SOA by Budi Putra
  • Budi Rahardjo: Isu Keamanan Dunia IT Semakin Kompleks by Widia Yurnalis

SDA Asia Indonesia September 2006

My article od SDA Asia Indonesia


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