Yet Another Random Quranic Verse plugin for WordPress

Yesterday night I had some free time to tweak a little bit the Quran Search Engine (QSE) found here and adapted its random quranic verse feature as a WordPress plugin. I call it Yet Another Random Quranic Verse. Just like the other plugin provided by Usayd, the Random Qur’an, the new plugin will retrieve its data from third party and display one verse randomly. What makes it different is the possibility to display random quranic verse in seven languages, namely English (Yusuf Ali), Indonesian, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish, besides in Arabic and Latin. So, the accumulation wil be three types of output at the same time (Arabic, Latin and language of choice). Furthermore, no images whatsoever have been used to produce Arabic verses of Quran.

Installation and Usage

To use it, first upload yarandomquran.php into /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WP website and then activate it on Plugin Management. Open your sidebar template or any template of your theme and copy paste one of the following code into the place where you want the random quranic verse to show:

<?php random_quran_en(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and english
<?php random_quran_id(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and indonesian
<?php random_quran_nl(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and dutch
<?php random_quran_fr(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and french
<?php random_quran_de(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and german
<?php random_quran_it(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and italian
<?php random_quran_sp(); ?> –> displaying Quran in arabic and spanish

After that, you need to change the default charset of your website to windows-1256. Because, without this modification the Arabic letters will be not recognized and displayed properly. Go to Options -> Reading and change the value of Encoding for pages and feeds with the new charset given above. Save. Now, you’re done with installation and the plugin is ready to use.


This Yet Another Random Quranic Verse plugin has been tested on WP 1.5.2 and 2.0.2.


Grab your copy here. (ZIP, 1.6 KB)
This plugin is also available at:


April 24, 2006:
1.0 – Initial release.

If I don’t have any WP website, can I still use this plugin?

The answer is yes. Just copy paste one of the following code to any place of your website. Your web hosting must support PHP to get it work and don’t forget to change the charset of your website to windows-1256.

English: <?php include(‘;; ?>
Indonesian: <?php include(‘;); ?>
Dutch: <?php include(‘;); ?>
French: <?php include(‘;); ?>
Italian: <?php include(‘;); ?>
German: <?php include(‘;); ?>
Spanish: <?php include(‘;); ?>



  1. Interesting but with 1256 instead of UTF8 its limitation in wider usage persist.

    Any how thanks!

  2. Thank you Tariq for your comment.

    I just wanted to make a shortcut from the existing application and adapt it to be used by other applications. If you can provide me any Quran data in Arabic which use UTF-8 instead of windows-1256, I would really appreciate it. And we’ll see what we could do with it. Otherwise, I prefer the current way. It still won’t hurt you much. ūüôā

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