SLAMPPLite 2.0

I’m happy to announce you all the new release of SLAMPPLite. šŸ™‚

Here are some changes that have been made with this release:

  • Updated and upgraded existing applications included in previous SLAMPPLite Live CD
  • Powered by XAMPP 1.5.1 and now it exists as module (
    It makes it easier to replace XAMPP when a new package is available. It can be found and put in /modules directory on the Live CD
  • Based on Slackware current
  • Used linux kernel 2.6.16
  • Compiled with Linux Live scripts 5.4.1
  • Added NASLite File Servers applications of Server Elements for SMB, FTP and NFS. They can be found under /tools directory of CD.
    These amazing tools have been added as they are found to be useful. More information about NASLite can be read here. Thanks to Server Elements for letting me include their softwares.
  • Added Abiword 2.4.1.
    The intention was to make you more productive while using Live CD. šŸ˜‰
  • Added Freerock GNOME support via slapt-get.
    In case you want to install GNOME.
  • New hard disk installation program provided by Nonux
  • Web documents installation scripts is now separated from XAMPP boot scripts. You can execute it from Xfce menu, or manually:
    # bash /opt/slampp/
  • Fixed fstab

Get your copy of SLAMPPLite over here, as usual, via
MD5: a8a07442c7e9ff8afb8bd75d3b341e7f

BitTorrent download is not available yet. In case someone has set it up, please let me know. I will include your links on the SLAMPPLite’s page.

I hope you’re going to enjoy it. Have fun!