Updates, Forgiveness and Compassion


You must be aware for a long time that when someone visits my website through http://www.kyantonius.com will automatically be directed to this link, http://www.kyantonius.com/weblog. I did it intentionally as at that time I still had no clue what I should put in the root directory of website when I decided to start blogging from apart directory. To prevent losing traffic because of this, redirection was then activated. Starting from this week, it won’t be the case anymore. A new frontpage has been created in the previous weekend and I hope it will give you a simple overview of what you can expect from my website.

Following are the tools and techniques I used to build the page. The website design remains the same to reflect consistency all over the website.

Forgiveness and Compassion

Different topic from above, as Ramadan, the month of fasting, almost comes to the end over two or three days from now, I would like to express my sincere apologies from the deepest bottom of my heart to you all my friends and families around the world for things I’ve done in the past. I’m just a human being, full of weakness and far from state of perfection, if I did something wrong and made you angry or upset or even hurted your feeling with my words and/or deeds, please do forgive me. I already did the same thing to you. May Allah SWT reward you more and accept our ibadah during this Ramadan. Let’s celebrate Eid-ul Fitri with full of joy and gratefulness and don’t forget to help the needy people near us so they also can provide themselves in this happy day. Furthermore, our compassion to our brothers and sisters all around the world who might not be able to join us celebrating Eid-ul Fitri because of natural disasters, wars and other forms of misfortune. May Allah strengthen their faith and help them.



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