What a great news I have today! At least for me and SLAMPP. 🙂 has mentioned SLAMPP on its weekly opinion this week and put it on the waiting list.

This news is kind of suprising me as I personally never submitted any information about SLAMPP to and asked them to have SLAMPP included in their linux list. The main reason why I didn’t do that mainly because I thought, in the beginning nobody or maybe only some people would take SLAMPP seriously. Others would think SLAMPP is just a rip-off of SLAX and therefore it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned. Anyway apart from this thinking, I just wanted to let you know and hope those people who share negative opinion on SLAMPP could understand that this project is mine and I have rights to do whatever I want. I do have respect and credit for all projects that have been used to compile SLAMPP and have no intention whatsoever to take them into jeopardy and even disgrace them. So, as long as the owners of the projects themselves don’t complain that their projects are used on SLAMPP, why should you? 🙂 Beside that, SLAMPP is my playground to learn Linux and its system.



  1. Thank you. 🙂
    As it is a server edition, there will be no office suite available at this moment. But, it there are enough demands to have it included, I will do that in the next release.

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