SLAMPP 1.0 is released!

Latest update (24/09/2005 – 01.57 AM):
Download is already resumed now. Please download the iso file through the link provided below.

SLAMPP Live CD!I’m pleased to let you all know that SLAMPP is finally finished and now available for public download. I hope this release will become a milestone for the next steps of development. As mentioned before, SLAMPP is a generic linux distribution based on SLAX, uses original packages from Slackware’s current repository and can be run off CD-ROM drive. The main focus of SLAMPP is to provide easy tool to setup a home server or even for a small office one. It is designed so that someone with a little knowledge of Linux and server administration can also do the work or tasks of professional ones. Despite that, one must admit that mastering Linux will take much of your time and energy. So be prepared and let’s hope that SLAMPP can cut off that steep learning curve.

Below you will find some highlights of SLAMPP 1.0:

– Slackware 10.2
– Kernel
– Xfce 4.2.2
– Apache 1.3.33
– PHP 4.4.0
– Perl 5.8.7
– Python 2.4.1
– MySQL 4.1.14
– Sendmail 8.13.4
– Dovecot 0.99.14
– Webmin 1.220
– Virtualmin 2.601
– Bluefish 1.0.2
– Nvu 1.0PR
– Hard disk installation scripts
– SSL certificate generator scripts
– FireHOL R5 1.226
– Blender, Inkscape
– The GIMP 2.2.8
Complete list of installed packages.

Download SLAMPP now! (285 MB)
Latest version: 1.0 (September 19, 2005)
md5: 76e6086307c0819b855d13e6104a7db8

BitTorrent download will be available soon.

You can get more information about SLAMPP on SLAMPP Wiki.

While you are maybe downloading SLAMPP at this moment, I wish you all a happy use and please let me know if you found some bugs, or have some suggestions for improvement in the future.

Thank you!


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