Moved to new hosting

At the time I wrote this entry, my website is already running on a new hosting. In the last few days I’ve been busy migrating this website and trying not to break something. At last, that work is considered done now. Let’s hope everything would be fine and all services provided through this website will be working properly. I’m sorry if you experienced some downtimes when accessing this website during the migration process. Please, let me know if you found something broke or not working. Thank you.

Notes: At the moment, the Quran component/module is not displaying the Arabic letters due some issues with the hosting. I hope it will be fixed soon. The dictionary component/module has no data yet. It takes time to upload more than 100000 entries at once.

Update 23/09/2005:
Thanks God! The Quran module/component is now working again. ūüôā
I hope the issue with random hadith quotation service is also fixed. May you have another problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.

To do:
– Inserting entries to Dictionary’s database.


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  1. The Random Hadith Module is not showing the PNG and therefore showing a string of text.

    sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t its very variable. Please have a go at fixing it.

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